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Privacy is becoming an integral part of modern infrastructure that has been digitally transformed. The Cloud has become a popular space for markets to venture into, and mobile and data analytics have seen a significant increase in use. Innovators have always stressed privacy as an integral part the product life cycle. Privacy is an integral part of product design, critical decision making, and service offerings.
There has been a lot of momentum in data privacy recently, with international governments and regulatory bodies taking matters into their own hands. They are poised to capitalize on the important work done by private sector businesses. The recent U.S. Federal government move to improve data privacy management is a fitting example. This is supported by a Presidential Executive Order. This follows the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Agreement. These recent developments, despite the emphasis on privacy, reinforce the importance of cross Atlantic data flows for economic development.
It is important to understand the U.S. President’s message on privacy to better understand privacy.
“Protecting privacy is essential to the success of the government’s mission. To ensure government’s proper functioning, the public must trust it. To maintain that trust, the government must uphold the highest standards in data collection, maintenance, and use. Privacy has been at heart of democracy since its inception. We need it now more than ever.”
This is not a U.S. issue. European government agencies and regulators are also taking strict measures to ensure citizen data protection and security. The European Union’s upcoming General Data Protection Regulation, (GDPR), will be a check on data privacy regulation.
This blog contains more information about GDPR Compliance.
The privacy pact between the EU and U.S. protects employee and consumer information. It allows citizens to secure and fully benefit from the digital age. The pact aims to empower citizens’ professional and personal growth.
As a career, you can manage organizational privacy and risk regulation
IAPP resources from International Association of Privacy Professionals are available to professionals who want to grow and advance their careers in privacy regulation and risk management. They provide the necessary skills to navigate future regulations and requirements. IAPP’s specialized courses help industry professionals to develop key skills in managing and handling data. IAPP offers three tracks of certification:
Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP).
Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM)
Certified Information Privacy Technologist, (CIPT).
Visit our International Association of Privacy Professionals resource guide to learn more about data privacy management.

By Delilah