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Two certification exams are required to become a Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert. They are AZ300 and AZ301. Both AZ-302 and AZ-303 certifications were replaced by the latest versions AZ303 and AZ304. These certifications are part the Microsoft’s expert-level role-based certifications learning pathway. Let’s learn more about the Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies- AZ303 certification exam.
1. Introduction2. What can you expect from this article? Prerequisites4. Key Benefits5. Exam Pattern6. Percentage of questions for all Modules7. Study Materials and References8. Tips and tricks9. Get Certified NowIntroduction
The Microsoft Certified Azure Architect is a three-star certification and expert level certification exam. You will need to have expertise in the implementation of solutions using Microsoft Azure. This includes aspects such as storage, compute, and security. As an Azure Solution architect, you work with cloud administrators, cloud DBAs, clients, and other professionals to implement solutions. This role requires expert-level skills in Azure administration and experience with Azure development. The Azure Solutions architect Expert certification, one of the most sought after Microsoft accreditations, is highly in demand today.
What can you expect from this article?
Everything you need to become a Microsoft Azure Solutions architect, i.e. to take the AZ303 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies exam, is available to you. I will guide you through the topics, exam patterns, study materials, and links that will help you become an Azure expert. This will also support your learning and help you to take your career to new heights.
You must pass the exam to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Solution Architect. The first exam is Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies AZ-303, and the second is Microsoft Azure Architect Design AZ-304. Each exam will award you a badge. Upon passing both exams, you’ll be awarded the Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect certificate. The AZ-104, AZ-204 and AZ-303 exams are highly recommended. Anyone with a solid understanding of infrastructure knowledge such as storage, network, and compute can attempt the AZ-303 Microsoft Azure Solution Architect exam. Although highly recommended, the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification Exam AZ-900 does not have to be taken.
Key Benefits:

Certified professionals are 15% more productive and earn 15% more in average than the rest.
Microsoft Azure certified professionals are highly sought after for managing cloud infrastructure and developing cloud applications.
As an Azure administrator, developer, architect, DevOps practitioner or security engineer, you can solve business problems.
You will have an advantage in the job market if you are a Microsoft Azure Security Associate Engineer and receive a highly sought-after Microsoft badge.
5. Exam Pattern:

*Microsoft evaluates candidates between 100-1000 marks. The popular pattern is that passing marks range from 700 to 750.
6. Percentage of all questions for AZ-303 modules:
Monitor and implement an Azure Infrastructure (50-55%).
This module will answer all your questions about cloud infrastructure, including storage accounts, virtual machines for Windows, Linux, Vnet connections, Azure Active Directory, and virtual machines for Windows.
Configure and deploy Azure Resource Manager
Implement Management and Security Solutions (25-30%)
You can expect to find answers to questions about managing workloads in Azure, load-balancing, network security, and Azure governance.
Implement Solutions for Apps (10-15%)
This module will ask you questions about implementing application infrastructure such as Azure App Service.

By Delilah