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  • Consider how you commuted since you started working from home.
  • Congratulations if you are satisfied with your answer. You might also want to skip to the comment about productivity.
  • If you are not satisfied with your answer, think about how you would use the time.
  • Create a new routine that allows you to use your time in a way you prefer.
    • Clarify the new use and explain why it is a better choice.
    • Once you have decided on your preferred method, share it with your family (or anyone who will support you).
    • Get started.

    A comment about productivity. I have spoken with hundreds of people who have “lost” their commutes and started working from home. I know what many people did with their commute times – they added it to their workday. If this is you, I would like to ask you two questions.

    • Are you getting more done?
    • Is your task-list shorter?

    That is amazing! Many people I have spoken to say that the answer is no. There will always be work, so if you’re working longer hours and not making progress, you’re not being more productive. Productivity has a numerator as well as a denominator. It is not how much work you accomplish in a given time. You might be able to create new routines for your commute if you notice that you are working harder but not getting more done. About the author Kevin Eikenberry, a world-renowned leader in leadership development and author of The Kevin Eikenberry Group, is an acknowledged authority on leadership development. He has twice been named by as one of the top 100 Leadership/Management Experts in the World. He is the author, co-author, or a contributor to 20 books. His latest collaboration with Wayne Turmel is The Long-Distance Teammate. Stay Engaged and Connected while Working Anywhere.

    By Delilah