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Snore Sleep Inspector
Snore?!Me?!I don’t think so!Well, that is what I thought until I used the Snore Sleep Inspector by GRsoft Labs.Snore Sleep Inspector is a sleep, snore, and voice recorder app for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.You can set it up to start recording at a later time and set an alarmto wake you up.In the morning, when you review the recordings you willhear and see what transpired overnight.While listening to the soundsyou made during the night, you can see the time and the decibels of thenoises you made on the graph.Once you have reviewed everything, youthen have the option to share on Facebook or email the graph and audioclips.This app helps  those who have the snoring problem.Basically, as soon as the Snore Inspector detects a sound that happensto exceed the threshold, your iPhone will vibrate, which will in turnmake you move thus stopping you from snoring without breaking yoursleep.If you are trying to figure out if you are snoring or talking in yoursleep, or even to prove to someone else that they snore, this is a greatapp.
Features of the app:- Remains recording while device is in sleep mode- Enhanced graph view- Graph showing time and dB (decibel)- Share your audio with social media- Share on the Snore Sleep Inspector website- Email sharing graph and audio clip- Disk limit check- Schedule recordings- Wake up alarm- View recording history- Calibration – auto detect room noise levels- Multiple language support-
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There have been many apps that have claimed to have the ability to read barcodes, but very few, actually have been able to come through with their claims, especially for free. Even though Barcode app has just come out, I am honestly taken aback with what is has to offer even on its initial release. This app features sever options, which include scanning a barcode of course, viewing of a product list and an option to find out more about the app. This last feature takes you to a whole new menu with sever options such as a FAQ area, Support, and information on other products. This app is quite simple to use, and easy to remember. It opens up quickly and easily. Once opened, you can touch the “Scan Barcode” button, and now all that is left for you to do is to line up the barcode you want to scan in the middle of the screen. Once the barcode is scanned you will be shown a list of possible matches for that particular barcode number based on an internet search. While the barcode scanner is impressively accurate, the same does not apply for the internet search. While sometimes a barcode will turn up items and prices from several different websites, the internet search, sometimes shows you some unrelated items for no reason. But I am certain that this is something that has the possibility to improve in time. So I can honestly see this app getting even better, as soon its internet database is expanded and improved.
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If you are a busy person, which I trust you are, then Evernote is just the app for you. This iphone app allows you to memorize meetings, images, e-mails, notes and anything else that can come your way in an easy, simple, and practical way.  Everything here is organized into a tag, which you can find it easily, should you need it for any researches later. iPhone’s interface has made the using of this app a real peace of cake. All you have to do is click on the option you need, and voila, all you need is right there in the screen, on the palm of your hand, literally. Evernote does an excellent job of this both on and off of the iPhone. Lag between upload and download of notes from phone to desk or visa versa was quick when network conditions were optimal. This was great because I could take field notes on a piece or property, geotag the note, and then recall the note on my desktop to work on it with a full keyboard. The interface is clean and simple and delivers all the features that Evernote promises while also including all the functions one would expect given the iPhone’s technological capabilities. So trust me when I say that if you’re looking for an application that is a robust utility for organizing your data on the go or giving you access to your notes on the go you’ll find nothing as easy to use or as well designed as Evernote.
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By Delilah