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Liverpool Tourism Guide
A new app for the iPhone, the Liverpool Tourism Guide App, allows you to explore, discover and experience the beautiful and historic city of Liverpool.Whether you’re visiting Liverpool for the first time or you live in the city, this interactive guide fits in the palm of your hand and features over 1250 points of interest in and around the city center.The Guide also contains many exclusive offers which are updated daily, saving you money in Restaurants, Bars, Hotels and many other places.And, using Augmented Reality, you can view virtual information of your present Liverpool location through your device’s camera.With this app in your hand, the only question you have to answer for yourself is, what do I want to see first?A selection of over 175 audio descriptions for places of interest is a nice touch too with the option of buying either an app that downloads recordings as and when is needed or one that is standalone without the need for a data connection.The Liverpool Tourism Guide App is quite clearly one of the most relevant travel accessories in the world at the moment!
Features of the Liverpool Tourism Guide App:
-Audio descriptions, explanations and history for over 175 points of interest around the city – available in English, Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin).-Over 1250 locations around Liverpool to explore and discover in the “See & Do” section.- What’s On Guide allowing to user to receive up to date entertainment information to their phone.nn•tIncorporated map giving offline directions around the city.- Augmented Reality allowing the user to view virtual information.nn•tHuge directory of listings allowing direct bookings to restaurants, bars and more- Offers and discounts from Liverpool businesses allowing the user to save money around the city.- Virtually Explore Liverpool from any location- Local Knowledge to avoid tourist traps (the app is created by people from Liverpool).
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Super Stickman Golf
Super Stickman Golf is a 2D golf game that’s really easy to pick up and play, with tons of fantastical themed courses, interesting power-ups, and excellent physics-based gameplay.Rather than your standard 3D layout seen in many golf games, Super Stickman Golf offers up a 2D platform experience.The courses often have multiple levels you’ll need to reach and obstacles you’ll need to avoid to finally get on the green.Overall, with over 260 holes to play across several themed courses, unique obstacles, arcade elements, and local and online multiplayer, Super Stick Man Golf has plenty to offer any arcade golf fan.You play the game as the titular Super Stickman, with three course packs.Classic offers 16 beginner courses, Super includes eight intermediate courses, and Expansion sports five painfully advanced courses from which to choose.Each course includes nine holes.So right from the start, there’s a lot of gameplay packed into Super Stickman Golf.Only one course in each pack is unlocked at the start.You unlock additional courses by playing well; if you meet or beat par on the previous course, you unlock the next.Alternatively, you can spend your hard-earned cash on in-app purchases to unlock some or all of the other courses and bonuses, but that feels dirty to me.When you select a course—say, The Cliffs, par 47—you first choose whether you want to play all nine holes or practice just one of them.If you choose to play the full nine, you then get to load up your golfbag with power-ups.These include Mulligan, which lets you retry a laughably errant shot, or Sticky Ball, which lets your ball temporarily stick to walls.As with the courses, you’ll need to unlock the power-ups through various achievements.Once you’ve stocked your golf bag, you’re ready to play.You adjust your shot’s trajectory using large virtual buttons, and then tap the Go circle when you’re satisfied.That triggers the power meter control; you tap a second time to choose the level you’re after, and then it’s fire in the hole.Or, more preferably, your golf ball.The beauty of this game is in the simplicity it offers.The controls are all so easy that you can actually be pretty good at the game in a short amount of time.To me, the whole app experience seems like an old school Nintendo game: from the catchy, silly background music, to the extremely simple and “stick-like” graphics.Think of this as the Excitebike of apps.The game itself is really fun and addicting.There is something about its simple gameplay that keeps you coming back for more.It’s one of those games you will stay up playing at night- “just one more level” you’ll tell yourself- an hour later, you’re still playing.Do yourself a favor and get this game now.The amount of content you get for a mere dollar is amazing.
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Word Lens

Going to Spain for Christmas?Think you’ll fancy a la cena de pavo?You might want to have a peek first at the latest augmented reality app to hit the stands.Word Lens app translates the printed word using the iPhone’s video camera.It will change the way you look at the world.The new Word Lens does just that.Point the phone’s camera at a sign, a book, or any written words in a foreign language, and the text will appear in English on the phone’s screen—in the same font, in the same position, and even on the same background it has in the real world.The promotional video (below) shows it in action, translating a multitude of signs in real time.This app is brilliant for tourists reading menus or road signs,but perennial problems persist for those wanting more.You have to take small chunks at a time or simply try decode imperfect translations.The app sports a pause button, which is especially useful when you’re attempting to translate larger chunks of text.Wait till the on-screen translations are at their least jumpy and pause, and then you can read through them without attempting to remain frozen in place.With this app you are ready to go on vacation anywhere you like.
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Stuck in a new city without a clue as to where to eat? No worries. Justfire up your handy Yelp app, which locates all the nearby eateries, thenbrowse by proximity, neighborhood, price, or what’s open now. You alsoget easy access to Yelp’s burgeoning collection of customer reviews, soyou can avoid any clunkers. Not hungry? The app lets you find a wholehost of other on-the-road necessities, such as bars, banks, drugstores,and gas stations.Yelp iPhone app doesn’t let you write reviews. Instead, it mainlyserves as a business locator. And to that end, the program largelysucceeds. The Home menu offers quick links to the types of businessesyou’re most likely to need while on the move, includingfood, drinks,gas stations, banks, and drugstores. It also includes links to the 10most recently viewed businesses for easy access—a nice touch.You can map search results as you can on the Web site. However, the mapyou get is static; you can’t zoom or pan. Instead, you use left andright arrows to jump to different numbered results (or you can tap on anumber on the map). You also can’t get directions from your currentlocation. This limits the map’s usefulness and means you may spend afair amount of time manually entering the info into the iPhone’s morerobust Maps program. If you get a lot of results, you can filter your searches by distance,price, specific neighborhoods, or by whether the business is currentlyopen. This last option is particularly helpful if you’re stuck lookingfor a drug store or late-night snack after hours. In all, the Yelp iPhone application makes for a useful and easy way tonavigate business locator.
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Lonely Planet Spanish Phrasebook

Want to never be at a loss for words, no matter where you are in the world? With your iPhone, and a little help from Lonely Planet, you’ll have the local lingo licked.The world’s leading travel publisher now offers the most useful phrases from its Spanish phrasebook in downloadable audio format, playable through your phone loudspeaker or headset.So go beyond mere pointing and pantomime on that next trip: with some 200 spoken (and phonetically written) phrases in each guide, you can shop, socialize and schmooze like a native.Do not worry,because this application will help you to comunicate with people who speak Spanish everywhere in the world.Features:•No internet connection needed•Audio phrases spoken by locals so you know what they really sound like•Multiple search functions to find phrases quickly and easily•Kill time on a bumpy overnight bus ride and use the app to test your language skills
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iNavX Marine Navigation

Navigation apps are abundant to help you get to where you need to whiledriving.  Have you ever thought about a navigation app for those peoplewho are out at sea?  Well there is an app that works for the sea faringpeople on the iPhone called iNavX Marine Navigation.  If you have seenshows like Deadliest Catch or have ever thought about how people out atsea keep track of where they are, they use GPS navigation software thatkeeps track of their Lat and Long coordinates to help them know wherethey are.   This innovative app for the iphone will give you access tothousands of charts, official CHS Canada Charts, Navionics Gold Charts,Fish N Chip Charts, HotMaps, Verlage Charts, Hiltons Fishing Charts,Trak Canada lakes fishing maps and Solteknik Sweden Waters marinecharts. With iNavx, you can use the built in location services to plot yourposition in real time on the multi touch scrolling and zooming marinechart.  Because cell phone coverage is not available in all areas of thewater, the maps do not require a signal from the cell towers whichmakes this app totally usable.
tap  a waypoint name on the charge, drag to move or tap waypoint name again and context popover or action sheet is displayed.
show route in the chart setup will toggle display of the route on the chart
complete access to several different maps to help you know where you are on the sea
Lat/Long location with compass to help you find your way.
access to thousands of charts and maps to give you a comprehensive ability to find your way around the sea

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TripIt – Travel Organizer

TripIt is an iPhone app which aims to help jet-setters, road-warriors, and occasional vacationers alike travel better—and smarter. Once you have a TripIt account, you simply forward copies of your travelitineraries to the service’s address—[email protected] You canconfigure TripIt’s Website to check your inbox automatically to skipeven this simple step. Either way, the service parses out all therelevant details from your e-mail, recording all the importantinformation you’ll need as you travel. First, the good stuff: I forwarded TripIt the confirmations for anupcoming flight to Florida, and the cruise we’ll be taking once we getthere. Within minutes, the Website—and thus the iPhone app—hadsuccessfully imported all the details of our travel. TripIt also successfully imported (and presented) all the details of mycruise, too—including each port of call and what time we arrive there,and even the cabin number. You can tap on any location see it on a map. And if your friends andloved ones use TripIt, they can share their itineraries with you, andyou’ll be able to view the details of those in the app’s Network tab.The app also sports a Share button, which lets you e-mail any contactsthe details of your trip.  Surprisingly, though, TripIt (the app) doesn’t provide all the detailthat TripIt (the Website) does. In fact, when you share a trip viae-mail from within the app, the automated message includes the historichigh and low temperatures for each locale on your itinerary; the appdisappointingly provides no way to see that data. It’s easy enough toget at the weather data, just by e-mailing yourself the details from theapp, but it certainly seems like an oversight. But nothing is perfect so we’ll just let this slide.
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