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Top 8 Ways to Earn PDUs for Maintaining Your PMI Certificate

All PMI certifications, except CAPM, require Professional Development Units (PDUs). These PDUs can be earned by following the guidelines of the Continuing Certification Requirements program. Here are 8 ways you can earn PDUs to retain PMI certification.
You have successfully completed your PMI certification, and you are now competent enough to assume project management responsibilities. Is that enough? No! No! You should look for ways to enrich your certification. Make sure you only do activities that are relevant and consistent.
Do you know the PDU requirements and the activities that are eligible for certification? You should always keep in mind the ways you can earn Professional Development Units (PDUs). You will find that the PDU procurement process is easy, consistent, and fast if you are proactive.
Earning PDUs is easy with these Easy Ways
1. Take on the role of a Practitioner
It is best to work in areas that allow you to use your skills and abilities in accordance with your certification. You will be able to use your skills in practical settings, maintain your certification, and move up the professional ladder.
2. Try a Quiz!
Are you looking for ‘Category B’ PDUs PMI(r), publication quizzes can help you earn 1/3rd the required number PDUs right away. You can earn between 0.5 and 2.5 PDUs for as little as $10 per quiz if you score 80% or more. The CCR requirement and the type of quiz you took will determine the number of PDUs earned.
3. Participating in Meetings
Participating in local activities, meetings, and events related to your profession provides many opportunities to network, learn, and earn PDUs. Most professional meetings with an educational component will allow you to earn 1-2 PDUs. These meetings are often hosted by third parties, organizations, and PMI chapters on a regular basis throughout the year. You can find the PMI events calendar here.
4. Day Job PDUs
If you work as a project manager, your earnings will be at least 1/4th the total number (Category 2) required for recertification. If you practice project management services for at least 1,500 hours per year, you can earn 5 PDUs annually and a maximum 15 PDUs over three years.
5. Creation of Project Management Knowledge
You can co-author newsletters, articles whitepapers, books, or periodicals to create new knowledge in project management. You can use any method you like to earn one PDU per hour spent on project management courses or webcasts. You should know that earning PDUs in this area counts towards the 45 PDUs you can get in categories D,E, and F.
6. Read More
Reading is one of the best methods of learning, as you know. You can earn valuable PDUs if you make a habit of reading on your own, especially on topics that are related to your certification. To stay informed, read as many blogs, whitepapers, and books as possible. You can also check out the content available on PMI’s Store or project management sites to support your professional development.

By Delilah