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Top 8 Project Manager Skills Every Project Manager Needs

Modern businesses require highly skilled project managers. Organizations of all sizes are looking for project management professionals. Project managers are responsible for overseeing the entire project and performing tasks that make it successful.
The CIO states that organizations that implement project management (PM), save 28 times more than those who don’t have these best practices. It is difficult to plan, budget, and schedule projects without the right strategy and talent. Only 43% of all projects were completed in 2020 without the need for additional funding. A significant number of respondents don’t keep track of their budgets.
This is a great opportunity to learn if you’re looking to make a career as project manager. You can help your company deal with the challenges presented by the pandemic as a project manager. You will need to have project management skills in order to make an impact.
Project managers must have soft skills and competencies in addition to technical skills. Project Management Institute (PMI), in a report, found that project managers who have a combination of management and technical skills increase their chances of success by 40%.
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Project Management Skills are in high demand
IT professionals are aware of the growing demand for project management skills. Computer World ranked project managing as one of the most sought-after skills in 2017. PMI also predicted that there would be a significant increase in demand for project management skills from 2017 to 2027. PMI projects that companies will need to fill approximately 2.2 million project-oriented positions each year.
Despite the increasing number of job openings, there is a severe shortage of project management skills. This creates a huge talent gap. The competition is fierce across all industries and the need to find project management professionals grows.
How much do project managers make?
The average salary for a US project manager is $70,249 per year. Senior managers can earn up to $102,318. Glassdoor reports that the highest-skilled project managers earn more then $142,000 per year.
Project managers who have a recognized credential in their industry, such as the GreyCampus PMP certification training, have an advantage over their non-certified counterparts. PMI research also showed that PMs who have a PMP certification earn 20% more annually than those who are not certified. The median salary for a PMP certified was $111,000, compared to $91,000 for a candidate without a certification.
Source: St. Petersburg College
Many industries are seeking project management skills in this changing climate. Project managers are in high demand in IT, telecom, healthcare, aerospace and defence, finance, energy, construction, and manufacturing.Project management is a rewarding career path with many opportunities to learn and grow. This is a great career choice if you enjoy managing projects. Only the technical skills necessary to manage projects will be required.
Top 8 Project Management Skills Every Project Manager Should Have
Although project management skills and competencies can vary depending on industry, there are certain skills that every project manager should have, regardless of the size and nature of the project they manage. The project manager is the central point for all things related the project. This includes understanding how to document and manage tasks, budgeting and financial modeling, and using project management tools. Let’s take a look at the top 8 technologies.

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