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Top 7 Study Guides to Pass the PMP Exam on Your First Attempt

Project managers are in high demand. The PMP certification demonstrates that project managers can manage all aspects of a project. They are equipped with the skills to manage a project to success.
You should get all the help you can to prepare for the PMP exam. Here are seven great resources to help you prepare for the PMP exam.
Fifth Edition: A Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge

The PMBoK Guide serves as the standard for those who wish to take the PMP exam. It contains best practices and guidelines that are accepted in the field of project management. The guide explains the PMP ITTO model in great detail. ITTO stands for Inputs, Tools, Techniques, Outputs).
This book is perfect for managers who are starting to prepare for the exam. The PMI maintains it as the official reference book for the PMP exam. It is a long book with lots of text, formulas, and diagrams. It is available in both digital and hardcopy formats.
The PMP Exam: Quick Refer Guide, Fifth Edition

This guide was written by Andy Crowe, a Six Sigma Black Belt, PgMP, and PMP certified expert. The guide is a tri-fold laminated guide with three sheets at the front and three at its back. This pamphlet of six pages is a quick reference guide to the PMP exam.
It outlines the 47 processes that can be used to manage projects and briefly describes the ITTO model. It is, as the name suggests, a quick reference to key formulas, tables, and graphs. Every aspirant should have this guide to aid in preparing for the test.
The PMP Exam: How to Pass Your First Test, Fifth Edition

The book is a favorite among PMP aspirants. It claims to help you pass your exam in the first attempt. It is based on the PMBoK guide and provides material for various sections of the PMP exam.
The book covers the inputs, outputs, and processes for testing concepts. The book includes a full-length practice exam and a trial subscription to a learning site. The updated practice questions and test strategies tips will help you prepare.
Rita Mulcahy’s PMP Exam Prep, Eighth Edition

This book is one the best resources for the PMP exam. This book contains more than 400 questions and covers all concepts. You can also practice exams and play games.
It keeps up-to-date with changes at PMI, ensuring that you are well prepared. It also includes details about interviews with PMP-failed project managers. It explains why people fail and what you can do to close that knowledge gap.
Rita Mulcahy’s book is a worldwide bestseller.
PMP Exam Simplified Fifth Edition

This book was written by Aileen Ellis, a PMP certified expert and PgMP certified expert. This book is a great resource to help you understand the PMBoK guide, and prepare for the PMP exam. It contains more than 1000 questions with answers.
The structure of the book is based on process group rather than knowledge area. It provides exam tips and highlights the terms to study. Then, it tests your knowledge with sample questions.
This book makes it easy to understand the inputs, tools, techniques, and outputs of processes. You will also find practice tests, flash cards, and quiz sections. Aileen’s study plan is a great supplement to help you prepare a solid strategy. You can purchase the book in both hardcopy and kindle formats.
PMP Exam Prep: Questions and Answers, Fifth Edition


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