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Control4 My House * Free

I have noticed that as the technology makes its progress with the speed of light, we, the people are becoming more and more lazy. There are gadgets and appliances for almost everything, there is the remote control for our TV, for our radio, we can even open the garage door with just one click of the remote control. It seems like there is a remote control for everything. But trust me, there is no gadget in the world that takes laziness to a higher level then the new Control4 My House iPhone app. You can control everything with this application, you are going to be amazed with what it can do. You have to bear in mind that This version of My House UI works with Control4 home automation systemsrunning Director version 1.7 or later.It will not work with earlierversions of Director or other home automation systems. Whole house audio, video, lighting & HVAC control from your iPhoneor iPod Touch. This requires a Control4 home automation system,
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HomeWorks Light Control

Lutron has unveiled an interface that controls its HomeWorks whole-home lighting system via iPhone or iPod Touch.The HomeWorks Light Control application allows you to control your Lutron HomeWorks system over a Wi-Fi, Edge, or 3G network with the convenience of iPhone and iPod touch. A key feature of this application is that it automatically configures itself using the information stored in the HomeWorks system. This application works with Lutron’s HomeWorks system and requires setup by a qualified HomeWorks installer. Users will have complete control of their HomeWorks keypads no matterwhere they are. The interface will be able to control scenes in any roomby choosing from a list of keypads. Thus, in order for it to work efficiently, each keypad in the home should be labeled properly. Lutron has hinted atreleasing an iPhone application in the past. The iPhone application canbe accessed by touching the Lutron icon that will appear on the iPhoneor iPod Touch after download.
The company says its new application can:
Set the mood for arriving guests
Save energy by turning off lights that may have been left on
Control lights, music and ambiance in a home to create a complete entertainment experience

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Remember The Milk

According to  me, a task list needs to be ubiquitously available, and very quickand easy to interact with. One of my requirements is that my tasks synchronize to a web server, sothat I don’t need to have my laptop turned on to synchronize my tasks tomy iPhone. Remember the Milk for iPhone synchronizes to RTM’s web service, makingit available from anywhere by default. And it does so faster than anyother app I’ve used. Launching RTM for iPhone takes only a second ortwo, and you can immediately start interacting with it. The automaticsync it does upon opening takes only another second or two, particularlywhen using a WiFi or 3G connection. Regarding task dates, Remember the Milk in general handles postponingtasks more elegantly than any other task management application I’veused, and the iPhone version is no different. I can simply hit the Editbutton, check off as many tasks as I like, and press the Postpone buttonto set the date for these tasks to the next day. So if you are like me, then trust me when I say that this app is definitely something worth having, it’s both fun and easy to use. Personally I never get tired of it.
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How many times has it happened for you to have a little too much to drink and forget where you have parked your car? -Too many times, right? Well there’s no need to  call the police, or to get confused anymore, the G-Park iphone app is in town, and it’s here to stay. The people that have used this interesting little app swear by it. So let us give them the benefit of the doubt and say that we believe them. But why just believe in a word of mouth, this app has to be tested, and guess what, you will not be disappointed.  The absolutely best part of this app is that it even works with the older iphone models. I hear you asking how can that be possible since older generation iphones have no no GPS receiver well, the iphone apps team has thought about that too and has made the tracking to relie on mobile tower triangulation and WiFi, and eve though there is some skepticism about the actual way of working of this app I would suggest for you to try it. Who knows, maybe you will find your next best friend.
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By Delilah