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Posted on November 2, 2010 at 7:45 am
The Moron Test

As everyone knows there are literally tens of thousands of apps out there for the iPhone, some of them are amazing products of people’s imagination that still have the ability to wow and amaze. Then there are others, like iFart Mobile, that try to be today’s whoopee cushion for the slightly less mature practical joker. The Moron Test is a highly addictive time waster based on an old flash game that floated around the internet for quite a few years. It’s more or less a puzzle game that asks you what are seemingly simple questions but in fact are very tricky. Every time you get a question wrong it basically calls you stupid and makes you start the whole level over. The catchy sound effects and theme music add to the light hearted feel of the game making it a very pleasant experience. There are definitely some downfalls with the test though, biggest one to me is the game length. Unlike the original internet version that I remember playing for hours at a time without beating, this one only took me about a half hour of straight playing to finish. Part of this is due to the quick paced nature of the game but mainly from lack of levels. The good news is that the developer has already promised additional levels to come soon in an update and to keep adding them as he can. So in the end it’s a 3 star app, but don’t let this deter you from getting it! It may not have the best graphics or even the longest play time…yet, but what it does have, if even for a short time, is the fun factor.  That is why my dear friends I’m asking you to download this and just enjoy.
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