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1. Introduction2. What can you expect from this article? Prerequisites4. Key Benefits of MB-910 certification5. Exam Pattern6. Percentage of questions for all Modules7. Study Materials and References8. Tips and tricks8. Get Certified NowIntroduction

Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365 is a subscription service offered by Microsoft that includes the Microsoft Office product range. Microsoft launched Office 365 on July 10, 2017 with Windows 10 Enterprise licenses. This superset includes other cloud-based security products and device management products. Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive solution for businesses such as yours that need secure remote work solutions. It connects employees to the people and information they require to increase productivity and foster collaboration. Microsoft 365’s Business Starter plan includes innovative applications, business-class email and audio-video meetings, Cloud storage and security. This makes it easy to collaborate, create and finish work from anywhere securely. Azure, on the other hand is a cloud computing service that Microsoft developed to allow you to build, test, deploy, manage, and monitor applications and services from Microsoft-managed data centers. It offers software as a Service (SaaS), platform and infrastructure (PaaS), as well as software as a Service (SaaS). It supports many programming languages, tools and frameworks, as well as third-party and Microsoft-specific software and systems. This certification covers all cloud-based security, identity and compliance solutions that Microsoft offers for Azure and Microsoft365.
What can you expect from this article?

This comprehensive study guide will help you quickly pass the Microsoft Security, Compliance, Identity Fundamentals SC900 certification exam. This blog contains everything you need to know in order to pass the fundamental exam for Microsoft 365 Security. I will guide you through the topics covered, exam pattern, dos and don’ts, as well as all the necessary material and links to help you learn and advance your career.

SC-900: Microsoft Security Compliance, Identity Fundamentals is open to both new and experienced professionals. They must have a general knowledge of the Information Technology (IT), environment and relevant experience. They should also have a basic knowledge of Microsoft365 or Azure Services.
Key Benefits

This certification is a starting point for Microsoft security.
It will help you understand the various security solutions offered by Microsoft365 and Azure.
It is crucial if you plan to move from traditional security to cloud security
It can be a great way to communicate with clients and your team as a manager.
You could work with Security operations analysts and Security solutions architects to maintain the organization’s security posture.
Exam Pattern:

The table below summarizes additional information about the exam.

Percentage of questions in all modules:

Describe the concepts of security, compliance, and identity (10-15%)
This module will ask questions about different Security concepts such as the Zero-Trust method, the shared responsibility model between Cloud service providers and customers, and the Zero-Trust methodology. Other security concepts include encryption, common security threats, defense in depth, and cloud adoption framework. This module also contains multiple identity concepts such as authentication, authorization and identity providers, Active Directory, Federationed services, and common Identity Attacks.
Describe the capabilities and benefits of Microsoft Identity & Access Management Solutions (30-35%)
This module will ask questions about the four capabilities of Azure AD. The first capability is about essential

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