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Posted on September 19, 2011 at 9:27 am
Honestly, who didn’t love making spin art as a kid? It’s so simple:Put a piece of paper on a turntable, spin in around, and splatter paint on it.Now developer Brian Smith has brought one of the favorite childhood activities to the iPhone with SpinArt, which offers all the fun of the original, but none of the messy paint or frustration of cutting the perfectly sized paper squares to fit on the spinner.You start with a blank canvas in your choice of colors or photo from your iPhone library, with six control buttons and an extensive color palette.Select the spin button and move your finger in a circle on the screen to get things going.Then select from one of three thicknesses of paint splatter, pick a color, and touch the screen.Repeat until you’re done.Select the glitter button to add a little shine to your artwork.When you’re finished, you can save the picture to your library, or join the SpinArt group on Flickr to show off your skills.There are three actions that one can choose from.The first is draw.This button, located on the top left-hand corner of the action palate is indicated by a collage of color. If clicked on, then you are free to choose one of the three different sized brushes by which you can draw.The stroke of the brush ends up looking like a splat of paint on the canvas.The second option is the Spin affect.The button is self explanatory with a picture of a spinning canvas and circular arrows.Chose this option and then using your figure, spin the canvas as fast or slow as you want it to go.The last option is the Settings button indicated by a star icon.When you click on the star a menu pops up giving you the options of a new canvas, saving the photo onto your iPhone or iPod, joining Flickr, or receiving more information about SpinArt.This is an app that’s not only fun for adults, but for their kids as well.
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