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How many times you may have seen decreases the counter of facebook friends and not be able to figure out who deleted you? Do you want to keep all your facebook friends under control? WhoDeletedU finds out your enemies: who deleted you, who you have deleted and who is no more on facebook! Also WhoDeletedU is fully integrated with the official Facebook app. Save your friendships history and keep an eye on all your enemies!
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The iPhone app for Google+, Google’s new social network, has been approved by Apple and is now available for free download in the App Store.The new Google+ iPhone app will help the California-based Google to expand the reach of their new social networking site, which is regarded as Facebook-Killer, to more users. With the launch of iPhone app, Google+ is available on iPhone and Android smartphones. Earlier, Google launched app for Android and is available in Android Market for free download.
Google+ iPhone app Features:* Better support for blocking unwanted messages in Huddle* Better support for attaching photos to a post* Various bug fixes and performance improvements
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Tweakon is the ultimate twitter client for the iPhone and iPad.Tweakon iPhone App offers a breakthrough alternative to all IOS Tweeters conveniently manage their accounts Twitter, easy to download media files Files Twitpics and Tweeting on IOS devices, and enjoy more fun micro-blogging application.It is ideal for those who want to stay configured to Twitter every day, as it turned out to quick, easy navigation and user-friendly menu.He also shook the entire screenAlternatively, autoscroll options and control status indication.
Features:- friends timeline- read/unread visual Notification- autoscroll- scroll on demand- post status- mark all statuses as read- navigate to chosen user Profile- navigate to chosen status- show more statuses- shake to full screen option- autoscroll option
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Nimbuzz brings all of your favorite messenger services into 1 place. Not only can you connect to the major services(skype, aim, msn, yim, gtalk and much more) and send IMs back and forth, but you can also take advantage of their free calling features.It allows users to also get rid of any of these individual instant messaging clients and use one, simple app to take care of any communicating needs.Features:- Push notifications- iPhone OS 3.0 and before- 3G, 2.5G, 2G, Wifi, EDGE, GPRS network connections.- SIP and VoIP calling.- SMS, MMS, voice messaging, text messaging, file sharing, picture messaging, location sharing.- Display pictures, emoticons, personal messaging.Nimbuzz also allows users to back up their contacts online as well as send photos, music and even video to contacts. Landscape mode is also included, which adds to the functionality and ease of use for this app.
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For those that need a little kick in their evenings, or feel that they haven’t explored their city enough, there’s Naveen Selvadurai’s new iPhone app, foursquare. It’s probably not named after the childhood playground game, but it tries to be a friend finder, a social city-guide, and a nightlife game. Trying new things is the name of the game.FourSquare is a great app because it encourages you to get out there and really explore your hometown. Every place you visit gets you points and for places that you visit frequently you might just get declared Mayor, unless of course someone else starts going there more often.When you first open the app you will have to sign up for a foursquare account. Don’t worry it is free just like the app. Once you have your account you can start adding friends who also have the app or you can start collecting points right away. To do this you simply click “check in” the app will then give you a list of locations in your general area. Click the place that you are at and you will start racking up points.The more places you visit the more points you earn and the more places you visit and points you earn, the more badges you earn. The app gives plenty of opportunities and ways for you to compete with all your friends as you venture out and explore your city. But don’t forget to remain loyal to your local hangouts, unless you want someone else declared Mayor of your favorite spot.Each week your points are compared against those of all your friends so you can see just how far away you are from the top or just how close your friends are creeping in. The point system works in a way you might not expect, the first time you visit someplace you get 5 points, if you visit multiple places in one night, you rack up 2 points.This is still a relatively new social networking tool so you might not have many friends signed up just yet, but that’s why you should be the one to tell them to join. This can become as addicting as any game and you’ll start to knownyour hometown better than you ever though possible.
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The LinkedIn iPhone app allows you to access your linkedin nettwork directly on your phone and find out whats happening in your business network.LinkedIn for iPhone puts your professional network just a touch away. Walk into any interview or client meeting with the ability to look up the details and connect with over 85 million professionals worldwide.
Free Download Some of the features include:
* Access your messages* View recent updates from within your network* Invite and reconnect with fellow members* View pending invites* Update your status
The LinkedIn app is useful and provides the popular functionality from the website but I’m hoping future updates will provide more useful features. Being able to updated your profile would be a nice touch along with viewing your groups and tracking and contributing to discussions.
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PMS It, despite its name, is not a app for awoman’s cranky days. PMS (in this case) stands for PictureMessage Services. PMS It wascreated by Michael Husemannas a picture messaging app which allows users to send customizedpicture messages through either e-mail or text. To start, the user either begins to create a new image on the editingboard, or they can select pre-made images from the saved files or theCategories folder. It takes a little time to pre-load the imagecategories, where you can choose simple shapes that you can change tosuite your tastes. Once you have chosen your shape or object, add it tothe editing board and you can start making changes by adding colors andtext. Text can be entered in 24 different fonts, with adjustable fontsizes text placement. You can also edit your image by layering severalimages, and by using the copy/paste, zoom, undo, erase, and editfeatures. While the concept of PMS It is truly unique, the app is alittle too complicated for casual users. It takes some time to creategood images from scratch with the vector program. The instructions arevery thorough, but lengthy. Perhaps PMS It could be dividedinto two separate apps: a PMS Basic app that gives people the ability touse only preloaded images, and a PMS It Pro which adds the ability tocreate images. Doing this would give casual users an easy to use formatwith the Basic edition, while giving others the option to upgrade to anin-depth Pro version where they can create their own images. I enjoyedbeing able to use the pre-made shapes to create custom image messages,but the app can be rather intricate and it takes time to become familiarwith it.
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