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Posted on January 18, 2012 at 11:45 am
Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
Waking up in the morning is the hardest thing for most of the people. Do you belong in this group? If so, this iPhone app has solution for your problem. It can wake you up in the lightest phase of your sleep, which will make you feel more relaxed and refreshed after waking up. This app tracks your movement during the night by using accelerometer. When you are in the deeper sleep, it tracks your stillness. Once you start making easy movements, the app recognize your wakefulness and wake you up in the time that you have selected.
The interface on this app is really easy to use. There are few tabs of controls and information. One of the tabs can give you instructions about where is the best place that you can put the phone while sleeping. You have to place the phone face down and near your pillow. This is extremely important because the app has to measure all your movements through the night. The other tab will give you option to select the alarm song. Once you have chosen the song, it will wake you up within the “wake up window”. The app will track your lightest sleep and it will wake you up around that time that you have previously selected.
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