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Project management software is one of the best. Complex and feature-rich software may seem exciting until you actually use them or teach your team how to use them. However, they can be very complicated in real-life business processes.
Projects can have many stages and involve many people. No matter how complex a project may be, it can always be broken down into simple tasks. There are many project management tools that offer complex reports and have many features that are rarely used by their users. Although these features and options may seem appealing, only a few of them are useful and usable. You need to identify the core features that are required to optimize your project management. This will make it easy for everyone to understand and help you organize your team. To improve your project management effectiveness, you will often need less than you think.
Here are some key points to help you improve your project management
Centralization: To avoid data loss and miscommunication between team members, keep all project-related information in one central location.
Web-based access: Allow your team to access shared information from anywhere and at any time.
Tracking progress: Keep track of project updates and changes, and notify all team members.
Critical data retrieval: To review and analyze details from the project discussion thread, retrieve project history.

Which product should you use to manage your projects
BUGtrack is a web-based project management tool that allows teams and project groups of any size to accomplish tasks in an efficient yet simple way. BUGtrack was developed in 2001 and has been used by over 10,000 professionals for over ten years. All features are based upon the experience of our customers. They are easy to use and clear enough to make project management simple and effective.
Unlimited data storage and projects:
There are no limits so you can focus on your work without worrying about overages.
Unlimited users packs allow you to expand your team at no additional cost.
Web-based access: All you need is an internet connection to access your project’s data via a Web browser.
Chronological history: All project-related information is stored and collected so that you can access it whenever you need.
E-mail notification: Team members receive e-mail notifications regarding updates and changes.
Time tracking and Categorization: You can organize your projects by type, category, and so on. You can also track the time spent on projects in order to meet deadlines.
Access rights management: The role-based access mechanism allows users to limit their access rights for each project individually.
Website integration: You can create a custom entry form that you place on your website and allow bugs to report directly from your corporate page.
Data import and export
Data can be imported into Excel or CSV files, and can also be downloaded locally for back-up purposes.
BUGtrack web-based software project management software can help you achieve project management success. Its simple and elegant user interface will be a hit.

Software for Project Management
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