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Are you ready to revise quickly for the ServiceNow Certified Systems Administrator exam? Are you looking to advance your career? You are in the right place. Our ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Cheat sheet will guide you through your revision journey. This will be your ticket to this highly coveted credential. It will also give you the tools and resources to succeed in the exam. Remember that even the most amazing things take time. Preparing for certification is difficult. It is not easy nor quick. It is worth the effort and determination.
ServiceNow Certified System Administrator: Overview
TheServiceNow Certified System Administratorexamination ascertains that the candidate possesses the integration capabilities and proficiency which are expected in order to regulate the configuration, implementation, and maintenance of the ServiceNow platform. This exam confirms that the candidate has all the skills necessary to obtain further certification.
Who should take the Certified System Administratorexam
The ServiceNow certified system administrator certification exam targets ServiceNow customers, partners and sales engineers. It is also open to all who wish to become a ServiceNow Certified Systems Administrator.
Exam Prerequisites and Recommended Knowledge
To be a successful candidate for this exam, you need to have the following knowledge
First, pay attention to the ServiceNow Foundations training. You must have at least 6 months of hands-on experience working with ServiceNow.
Second, candidates have the freedom to choose to complete either the ServiceNow Fundamentals or the On-Demand ServiceNow Fundamentals course offered by Now Learning.
It is also very beneficial for any candidate with industry experience, as well as database concepts and system administration.
Candidate should also be familiar with IT Help Desk processes, as well as the incident, problem, or change workflows.
Candidates should also be familiar with the terminologies and acronyms used in the industry.
Cheat Sheet: ServiceNow Certified System Administrator
This Cheat Sheet contains all the resources you need to make revisions. This Cheat Sheet will help you to take smarter decisions and make your revisions more efficient. This will also help you to be more prepared for the exam.
Understanding the Exam Objectives
The Servicenow Certified System Administrator Blueprint will give you a comprehensive overview of the exam. This outline outlines the exam objectives and the skills you need to pass the exam. It provides information about the Servicenow Certified System Administration Syllabus. These domains include subtopics. This is done to assist candidates in revising for the exam by identifying specific topics that could be tested. These domains are covered by the exam:
The Course Outline was updated on March 20, 2021.
User Interface & Navigation [20%]
ServiceNow Overview
Lists and Filters (ServiceNow documentation: Create and edit filters, Filters)
Forms and Templates (ServiceNow Documentation:Templates,Form templates)
Branding (ServiceNow Documentation:Configure portal branding,Branding a Service Portal)
Collaboration [20%]
Task Management (ServiceNow Documentation): Create a task from an issue, problem, change request, or other incident.
Notifications (ServiceNow Documentation – Notifications).
Reporting (ServiceNow Documentation – Reporting)
Database Administration [30%]
Data Schema (ServiceNow Documentation):Schema map of tables, View the schema map
CMDB (ServiceNow Documentation:Configuration Management Database)
Application/Access Control (ServiceNow Doccum

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