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  • AWS Elemental MediaConvert is a cloud-based transcoding service that allows video broadcasting, multiscreen delivery, or over-the top delivery. It’s a video streaming model similar to Netflix that is independent from a network.
  • AWS Elemental MediaLive is a live video encoding service that allows users to deliver media in real time.
  • AWS Elemental MediaPackage: Allows content creators to package and deliver videos to multiple devices via the Internet from one source.
  • AWS Elemental MediaStore is a storage service that’s specifically designed for video and other digital media.
  • AWS Elemental MediaTailor: Allows creators to insert targeted ads into their videos.

AWS Media Services suite allows video creators to “spend more time innovating than setting up and running infrastructure, leaving them ready to concentrate on creating, delivering and monetizing their content,” said Jeff Barr, AWS evangelist. The services are all elastic, which allows you to increase processing power, storage, and connections and gives you the ability to handle multi-million-user spikes (and beyond) with ease. More information from AWS re-Invent 2017:

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By Delilah