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The Iliad and The Odyssey by Homer

Who would have thought that there would ever be an iphone app containing two of the greatest classics  of all times. Well not me to be honest, that is the reason that I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered this unusual app. You can find out a lot more about the Trojan war, the fair Helen and the mighty Achilles, you can follow Odyssey’s adventures on land and sea, on his journey home by simply downloading this interesting app.  If you are a book lover and a habitual reader like me, then you are absolutely going to enjoy this app to the maximum. Unlike other reading apps, where the book is displayed on individual pages, this giving some problems, because the number of words per page is determined by the font size, which forces you to change pages every few seconds if you are reading with a bigger font size, something that turns out to be real nag eventually; here this problem is solved by a simple matter of approach, here you can scroll through the whole text, there are no numbered pages which you have to turn every now and then. The scrolling speed is determined by a gentle titling of the devise, which during a period of time can become truly intuitive to your touch. Another cool feature is that you can completely personalize your whole reading experience by choosing the color of the paper, the font color, the text size, etc. So don’t let this app go to waste, it is honestly worth having and reading, there is nothing better than a good story of love and war after a hard day at work.
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Finally an iphone app that is created just for those that simply cannot imagine their lives without a good book. Why bother traveling with couple of book when you can carry thousands of them in your pocket. Sounds amazing right? – Well, honestly it is. Stanza has in its library all the classical works, ranging from Shakespeare, to Shelley, to Byron, and even the modern day bestseller, like Dan Brown, etc. You can download your books from pages like: Fictionwise, Feedbooks, Book Glutton, The Guttenberg Project and many more. The difference between these sites is that in some of them you’ll have to pay to download your favorite book. The downloading takes just a couple of seconds if you are downloading through Wi-Fi. Another cool feature is that if you hold your finger over the cover art, the picture will be saved in your photo album. There are also RSS feed from most of the newspapers or magazines, like The Economist, or New York Times, available through this app. The flipping of the pages can be very realistic if you choose to flip by swiping your finger across the screen, but the pages can be flipped even with a simple tap on the end of the screen. And probably one of the best features of this iphone app is that, Stanza, is smart enough to actually remember where you were in your book.
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Taber’s Medical Dictionary

Have you ever been to the doctor and not really understood a word he is saying? He tell you a bunch of medical gibberish and tell you it’s going to be OK, but you still don’t know what has just happened. But not anymore, I have excellent news for all iphone users, there is a new iphone app that will cut you out of your misery, so to speak. Taber’s Medical Dictionary contains more than 60.000 definitions for most medical terms, it contains thousands of pictures and illustrations and many more interesting items. This app is really to use, just download, install, click your user name and password and voila all you have to know about medicine is in your iphone, pretty neat isn’t it?
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Read It Later

We all lead a fast life, so we don’ always have time to finish something that we have started earlier, reading web pages or online articles are not excluded. So, instead of cluttering our bookmarks with sites that we’ll need just once, or going through all that trouble of emailing the webpage to ourselves, the iphone apps team has created an app that seems to be the answer to our prayers. This app works in syncs with its computer counterpart, and allows you to download web pages and save them for later offline viewing. We have got to admit, this is pretty handy. There is a free and paid version from this iphone app at the app store, so check them out and see which one is more convenient to you.
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Now, you can have The Complete Works of Shakespeare on the tip of your fingers. This is a free iPhone app that contains 40 plays and complete collection of all Shakespeare sonnets. It’s very easy to manage; the works are all accessible in a simple scrollable menu, followed by thumbnail image. After tapping on your selected masterpiece, you can select between acts and the cast list, or Dramatis Personae if you prefer.Features:*Well formed text;*You can search throughout the works or specific words and phrases;*The works are all accessible from a simple scrollable menu.Enjoy!
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By Delilah