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Do you like to study while listening to music?Do you find it hard to focus? iLuvMozart powered by the “Mozart effect” will increase your IQ and give you a boost in concentration.A little background: “Mozart effect” was first coined by Dr. Alfred A.Tomatis, an internationally known otolaryngologist who used Mozart’s music as the listening stimulus in his work to cure a variety of disorders.Later on, Dr. Rauscher, Shaw, and Ky took this research further and published an article in Nature that demonstrated an increase in IQ of 8 to 9 points when students studied while listening to Mozart’s music.With iLuvMozart, you have the top ten classical pieces most likely to raise your IQ at your fingertips.You can rate the piece’s “Mozart effect” as well as find out its effect on the community.Try it out! We’re sure not only your IQ will go up but you’ll feel smarter instantly.
– 10 of the greatest classical hits- Popular classical composers such as Mozart, Bach and Beethoven- High quality stereo soundtracks- Licensed collection of classical music- View poll results for each piece of music- 20+ [Did you know?] trivia facts about Music- 12 packages of additional sound tracks
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If you aren’t using Dropbox, you might want to look into it.On each Dropbox-enabled computer, you have a special folder (a “Dropbox”) that’s linked to your online account. When you add, delete, or otherwise modify files within that folder, on any machine, the online service takes note. Then, all of your Dropboxes are updated to reflect the changes. This includes your online one, which is accessed through—thus giving you access to all of your files, so long as you have an internet connection. You can get a free account with 2 GB of storage, or pay for additional space.The Dropbox cloud storage service lets you store photos, videos and documents and access them anytime, anywhere for as long as there is an Internet connection. The Dropbox iPhone extends this feature by letting you access your file using your iPhone. It works on either 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity, so you’ll have access to your files anytime, anywhere.The first time you fire up the Dropbox iPhone app, you will need to enter your Dropbox web account info. After signing up you will see all the files that you can access, assuming that you have already uploaded files to the Dropbox site from your Mac or PC.The app gives you three menu options located at the bottom of your iPhone screen – Favorites, My Dropbox and Settings. Favorites contain files that you have marked for downloadingto view them later when your iPhone is offline. My Dropbox list down all the files that you have stored in the Dropbox cloud storage facility. Settings lets you link your iPhone to your Dropbox account and the email you use to register with You can also see the space left with your Dropbox account.Another feature of Dropbox iPhone app is the camera button, which basically lets you take photos and immediately store them in your Dropbox account. This saves you some precious storage in your iPhone. You can also share your Dropbox files with your friends and other contacts. This will show up in the Public folder of your Dropbox account.One great feature of the Dropbox iPhone app is that it recognizes immediately when you have modified a file. So if you have marked some files as Favorites, you will automatically get the latest version of the files the next time you access them offline.Having Dropbox on your iPhone opens a whole new suite of possibilities, too. Imagine: snap some vacation photos with your iPhone, then upload them to Dropbox and have them waiting on your home PC or share them with your Dropbox-using friend. When working on group projects, you can always have the latest revision. Dropbox for iPhone is sleek, efficient, and incredibly fast; everything simply works.
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Convert ~ the unit calculator

Want to change Dollars to Yen? Not only is it done, but the currencies auto update themselves when you open the currency menu. Want to change centimeters to light years? Done, although I’m not sure why anyone would need that measurement. The app really will convert any unit of anything to anything else… in style I might add.Once you try Convert, you’ll see how much thought and effort went into making it so intuitive and efficient to use.The design is pretty straightforward,with a num pad on the bottom half of the screen and the conversion tools on the top.The num pad looks and feels much like the calculator app that is included with the iPhone, which was a good call. The top half of the screen is where it gets tricky.There are three sections in the unit conversion area, type of conversion (i.e. length, power, force, area), what you are converting from, and what you are converting to. Typically, you would first pick what type of conversion you need, then fill the other fields. Everything is slidable, so navigating these menus is a breeze, just flick up and down until you find what you want.It may never be your most used app, but you have an iPhone… it’s almost your responsibility to be able to quickly tell someone that 88 Kilowatts is 118.009944 Horsepower.FEATURES:✓ Simple, elegant user interface✓ Built-in calculator… no need to switch to the Calculator app✓ Unit calculations✓ A simple way to set your favorite units✓ Currency conversion values updated live✓ Copy & paste (for OS 3.0 users and above)✓ Innovative “Disclosure Picker” for revealing unit names makes selection easier✓ Revolutionary “Magic Lens” displays only relevant info, reducing clutter
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Awesome Note (+Todo)
Finally you have the chance to combine notes with to-dos in this wonderful app!Awesome Note combines note taking app together with a to-do organizer which allows you to take a note on a very attractive interface and manage yourselves to get through your stuffs by to-do list function. You can choose to customize your folders(e.g. idea, shopping, work, travel, whatever you want.) of note to plan your lifes more comfortable or just take a ‘quick memo’ for an immediately thing in a rush hour.Jot down your ideas, thoughts and memos, and create daily diary, travel diary, email box, checklist, shopping list, to-do list, scheduler and anything else you want and sort them into custom categories with Awesome Note.About To-do organizer, Awesome Note allows you to add to-do list easily. And, you are able to choose the due date, priority and repeating action. It’s flexible to view your to do list in thumbnail, list, Diary view. Awesome Note also works in landscape function. In conclusion, I suggest Awesome Note is the MUST-HAVE app for note taking application.With Awesome Note, you can easily and quickly organize your life better than ever.✔ KEY FEATURES!!- Insert images into notes- Insert a map into notes- To-do notes- Alarms (Notifications) (iOS 4)- Calendar view in every folder- Full sync with Google Docs and Evernote- Transfer notes to Evernote and Google Docs- Clickable links (web/email address, phone number) in read-only mode- Customize notes and folders (icon, font, theme)- Passcode protection for each folder and startup.- Thumbnail/List/Todo/Diary view in every folder- Email notes directly from the app- Full Landscape Support- Full Text Search- Quick Memo (Text and handwriting)- Bluetooth Note Transfer- Backup over Wi-Fi- Send notes via text message (SMS) (iOS 4)- Print note (iOS 4.2)
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