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My day job entails helping companies implement new project management software. I’ve worked with many companies, including household names, and I’d say that less than 5% have any formal project management training. Most managers have had experience in the trenches and have received project management training. Most managers never get to leave the trenches, which gives them a better understanding and experience in project management. My experience is that there are not many good project managers.
I made the decision to become a professional photographer ten years ago. I was tired of the point-and-shoot experience, where luck was more important than skill in the success of the shot. I soon learned that it was quite expensive to become a professional photographer. Apart from the cost of upgrading to a professional-grade camera, I did not have any training on how to use it. I also had to pay for additional equipment, such as lenses, tripods, bags, and filters. The cost of film and development was also high. All of these factors made it difficult for me to become the photographer I wanted. I was a college student at that time and couldn’t afford to learn photography at an adequate pace.
The barrier to entry has been reduced over the years and photography is now a popular hobby. I am able to take endless photos without film and development costs, as well as the new tools in my newest camera, which allows me to move quickly. Software and other photography tricks can help me make up for my mistakes. I no longer live in the dark trenches of poor photoshop, but instead find joy and encouragement in my successes.
I have noticed that the changes in photography have had a positive impact on project management. Project management has also been a skill that is only for the few. The barrier to entry is quite high. People have always been required to manage project projects. Similar to photography, technology is enabling managers to become excellent managers. Project management is easier than ever thanks to new software that is collaborative and principle-based, as well as online courses, books, and other great resources.
Technology is not the only key to transforming mediocrity into excellence. Technology is not enough to make a manager great. The barrier to entry is lower than photography, but it still requires a significant investment to make the most of it.
Project management is not as simple as a one-shot job. Project managers must be familiar with the best practices and principles of project management. Many, if not most, of these principles are methodology-independent and can be learned for free or low cost through online resources, books, or even courses. Project management tools are available without the need for a degree in project management, or a PMP. However, they do require a basic understanding in project management.
Most managers have learned to point and shoot project management from their parents. Although it is too costly, trial and error project management remains the most popular. Individuals and organizations must invest in learning. We should all be encouraged to spread project management to the masses by the lower barrier to entry.

By Delilah