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Photos can tell such an amazing story despite being a still image.That’s why there is the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words.You can turn that saying into a reality with the WordFoto app.The app takes a photo, and composes it of tons of tiny words to create a unique work of art.You can take new photos or import others, and then with a couple of taps you have a unique image.WordFoto offers a wide array of customization.The app comes preloaded with word sets, but you can create your own strings of text (up to 10 words long). For the actual look of the image, WordFoto has eight presets, but also includes custom styles that let users manipulate everything from shadows to background colors to fonts — there are 25 options, and you can choose to use more than one at a time.You can start both with photos from your camera roll or you can take one with the built-in camera. After that, you can proceed to alter your original image. You can start by cropping it — you can edit cropping at any moment, if you are not satisfied.Then you can choose text to be merged with your original photo. You use your custom word set by inputting single words that will be combined together or you can pick one among the many preset messages included –you can also delete them, if you want to. After you have decided on the text, you can set your style.Your photos can take on a whole new meaning and style with the word collage. You can also say that much more with your photos, and you can share your creations as well.The WordFoto engine is simply superb as you the results are practically instantaneous, and so are the small adjustments.The app gives you new creativity and incentive to keep snapping photos, as every single WordFoto creation is unique.The WordFoto interface is as smooth as can be, and it’s simply an amazing piece of software.
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Picture Perfect Animals
Ever wanted to take a picture of yourself with a cow but don’t live near a farm or never actually been close to a cow?Well now you can with Picture Perfect Animals for iPhone and iPod Touch.This app pretty much does one thing:Adds animals of your choosing to your pictures.If that happens to be what you are looking for, it does so well.You open it up and you are faced with the choice of air, land, or water.Once you decide which kind of animal you want to be photographed with, you get to narrow it down to the actual animal. It could be a horse, a fish or a lion.The possibilities are endless.Well, up to 12 animals of each type.You can’t use photos you already have on your camera roll, which is kind of a bummer, but you can move the animal around the screen to get it in just the right spot for the photo you have in mind.It is easy to use, and it does pretty much exactly what it says with no promises of anything more. If you’re the type of person who has always wanted your friends believe you went on a safari or something, I can’t think of an easier way to do it.. It’s a little awkward and probably hard to make a believable looking photo, but it could be fun to try.
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iPicEd – Photo Editor
iPicEd is an awesome image editing app for your iPhone.With this app you can edit your pics with comfort.You can select pics from your iPhone photo gallery or take a new pic for editing.You can give very special photo effects using various color filters and frames.Create unlimited effects by combining 34 practically useful filters in various combinations along with 12 overlay effects and 12 elegant photo frames. Now you can also apply any filters on a selective area of an image. It supports resolution of 8 Megapixel on iPhone 4.iPicEd offers you a chance to edit your photos in iPicEd and share them across the globe through our Facebook page or alternately you can also email your creations at [email protected] and enjoy exclusive offers including FREE promo codes every month along with a chance to win ‘iPod Touch’ so hurry up guys and share your creations with the world!
Features:Take photos from within the application and edit them before savingIt saves photo in original dimensions and supports iPhone 4 resolution of 2592×1944Pixels.You can reveal all your feelings that you incorporated in iPicEd via Email and Facebook with just one click.You can upload the edited photos using “iPicolo” on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and PicasaTake professional photos using your iPhone and surprise your friends.
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If you have a talented child that loves to paint on your walls then you are going to adore this app. Depending on its frame of mind, a blank page can be daunting or promising, hence their love for painting your pristine white walls. If your child is an aspiring fingerpaint artist, then I promise you that it’s going to fall in love with the interface of Scribble—an infinite number of blank pages, waiting for your child’s greatest masterpiece. With nothing more than a blank white page in front of your child, it can scribble and draw lines of different colors and thicknesses; it can also change the background color. The minimal tool set is accessible at the bottom of the screen, popping up simply at the touch of an icon and minimizing again after a selection has been made. Scribble’s well-designed interface stays out of the way. What your child creates from that minimal tool set depends on its art skills and the dexterity of its fingertips. But your child is not the only one that can have fun with this app. If you ever feel inspired or creative scribble something, just for the fun of it, and see what is going to come up in the end. This apps photo feature takes you to a whole new level of scribbling. Tap the Photo button, and you can import a copy of any image from your photo library. You can draw on the image, annotate it with free form text, and then save a copy.  Try it, and you will find many uses. This is one of those apps that is fun for the whole family, especially for the kids, and the best part is that your white walls and cabinet doors are going to stay white and unscribbled.
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There are many photo applications out there that are a lot of fun, but none of them can exactly match the iFunto iphone photo application. Have you ever imagined how your girlfriend would look like on the cover of the Playboy magazine and that you would be the only one who would have that picture? Or maybe would like to see  someone of your friends on a most wanted poster? And what’s even better, have you ever dreamed of taking a photo next to the Eiffel Tower or the Big Ben? Well let me tell you that all this and much more is possible with just one simple and easy to use iPhone app. I know it sounds impossible but let me explain.  Your only task are these three simple steps: 1. Choose a background that you like’ 2. Select and input your personal photograph and  3.Use the editing tool to edit and personalize the image. So it’s simple, take a photo with your iPhone and then choose between 12 catagories and about 200 backgrounds (Sports, Game, Money,Media, Poster, Tour, Face, Building, Billboard, Art, Ads, ETC). Tell me what other application give you the chance of traveling around the world without spending a dime, I know that it’s not even close to the real deal, but still you will have some photos until you get the chance to travel for real. You can even customize the pictures and send them as greeting cards to your friends and family, or simply have some fun.
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This is one of those apps that can really show you how creative you can be. If you are an adventure spirit and are always on the move, than this is the app for you my friend. This iphone apps allows you to be in touch with your family and loved ones, and show them all the beautiful places that you are visiting at the moment. It doesn’t matter whether the picture is an amazing landscape or a breathtaking image of some part of a city or mountain, with this app all you have to do is take a picture, and then write an  interesting message and send it as a postcard to your family. This iphone app would really come in handy to those who simply forget to buy real postcards, or even spend their money before they have the chance to buy those postcards. The using of this app is really easy, all you have to do is take a picture through the app, select one or more contacts, write a greeting message and send it. It’s a piece of cake really, a copy of your postcard will be sent to your mail, so you can see the final product. It has a clean and modern graphic that is limited to only a couple of icons for camera, settings etc, which can be enlarged and thus becoming more practical.
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Mover For iPhone

Yet again the iphone apps team has proven their creativity by developing a quite unusual app called simply Mover. This iphone app is as simple as its name suggests. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3. All you have to do is: open the app, select the pictures or contacts you want to send, arrows will appear indicating that you are connected to the other iphone, and just slide when the arrows will match up, and this is it. It’s crazy simple right? Well, it is. The one thing you have to remember is that the bigger the file, the longer it will take to transfer, and other then that we can say that this app is simply perfect, fun and incredibly easy to use. And the absolutely best news of all that this app is out there, and it’s utterly and completely free.
This iphone apps is available at the Apps store.
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