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Here’s our monthly recap! This month, you’ll find the following: Personal timesheet
Historical hourly rates
Time report: Custom date range
Personal Timesheet
Let’s begin with the Personal Timesheet. It can be found in the My Work > My Time section. The main difference is that it won’t be empty when you open it. You will find all the tasks you have been assigned with due dates waiting for you in the My Work > My Time section. This will ensure that you are always aware of what you need to do. All members can keep track of their time and ensure there are no errors. This way managers won’t need to spend hours and days checking out and correcting everyone’s timesheets.Basically, we help the team members help their managers by tracking time regularly and easily. ActiveCollab is actively reducing the chances of making mistakes in time records. When you’re running a business, each slip is a loss, and every recorded billable hour is a plus money-wise.Historical internal hourly rates
The world changes over time. People are promoted, contracts are renegotiated, and hourly rates are altered. You can now set up different hourly rates for different times. The results will accurately calculate your expenses and therefore your project’s profitability. All changes can be seen in the People section. This information is only available to Members+ who have financial permissions. Owners cannot see it. This section can be used to meet curious passers-by. You can hide all hourly rates in one click and you will no longer be worried! You will not be able to see confidential information accidentally. Custom date range in the Time Report
You’ve all been anxious since the launch the new Time report. The custom date range was missing. We made sure that the old Time report was still accessible for this reason before we added this option. We have created a new and improved date picker. We actually polished the one that we had and are very proud of the results!
Last month, we stated that we would be working on Project’s finances. This is the plan for the next month. Fixed budgets will have an impact on the invoicing system. This means that there are many areas to cover. One need not worry as much! You need to worry less! Don’t worry if you loved the advanced section of our old report. It will remain exactly where it was. We are eager to hear your feedback! The Fundamentals of Agile Project Management
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By Delilah