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We hope everyone is enjoying the summer and are ready for another roundup of ActiveCollab updates. Last month, we had the pleasure to announce the new mobile app. This month, we’ll be discussing: Workload
Chat Early Access Program
Mobile app improvements
Workload in the past
Workload is a planning tool. We designed it with that in mind. It allows you to map out your team’s tasks and days off for the coming weeks and months. Many of you requested the ability to view what was already mapped out, so we made it possible. You can now view the tasks assigned to you for up two months by using Workload’s calendar icon. Select the desired period and click on the button. We also want to remind you that only tasks that have a due date will be displayed in Workload!
You can upload files directly from your computer, or attach them to Dropbox or G-Drive. In-app Chat EAP
You don’t have to apply for the Early Access Program. Get in touch with us to start a conversation within your favorite project management software. As we mentioned in the previous paragraph attachments to conversations are what we dealt with in July. The chatbox will have the same UI as the tasks, notes, or discussions. This is the next challenge after we made it possible to chat with custom groups. We believe that sharing files is just as important as sharing textual message. ActiveCollab’s only place where you can send files to others without an accompanying message is this area. We may expand on this concept in other areas of the app. Let us know what you think! Let us know your thoughts! Mobile app
June 21st was a big date for us as we launched our new mobile app. Have you downloaded it yet? Go to the App Store or Play Store immediately! This is what we have done since the release: Enhanced visibility of the comment field
Project ID added
Improved deep linking
In-app browser for external links
Due date picker bug fix
We will keep improving your mobile experience every week and adding new features that are only available on the desktop and web app. Uptime
The July uptime was 99.83% with brief downtimes at both the beginning and the end of the month. We hope they weren’t an inconvenience for your team. We are here to help if you have any problems.
We will continue to work on the Projects page, which will improve the sorting and filtering for projects. The in-app Chat will continue to develop and we would love to hear your feedback. Join the Early Access Program to get access to the mobile app. Enjoy the summer and we’ll be back next month with more updates!

By Delilah