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ActiveCollab’s future: Everything you wanted to know
Our product roadmap is now public. Everyone on our team knows what we are working on, what’s next, and why — so we decided to share it with you. We plan to integrate many more features in the future. However, webhooks must be implemented first. Webhooks will allow people to create all kinds of apps to automate their workflow. But first, we need webhooks. ActiveCollab apps for Android and iPhone are progressing well. They will allow you to have a great experience using ActiveCollab wherever you are. Some teams, for example, rely heavily upon replying to messages to create comments and won’t switch over to the new version without it. A new user may like the product but not be able to use it because the interface is too confusing for them. We want to let the customer know all the options so they can make an informed choice when choosing project management software. We want to show our customers what the future holds and to reassure them that ActiveCollab was a good investment. We have many more ideas. Every member of our team has a suggestion or favorite feature. We have a long list of suggestions and favorite features. Add bug reports and feedback from customers and we’ll have a long list. But we don’t want ActiveCollab to be overloaded with half-baked features. This could lead to a complex and robust app. Product management is about saying “no” to a thousand things and making conscious trade-offs. Then, you choose what will have the greatest impact to everyone’s productivity.

By Delilah