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Since we decided to revamp our blog, it’s been an exciting journey with many ups and downs. We have tried to document the journey with posts about keywords, branding, storytelling, the need of a hero and our editorial checklist. Our experiences and decisions along the way helped us refine our process, especially when we consider our content calendar. The Pitch
It all starts with an old journalistic tradition: the idea pitch. Everybody has stories to tell. The team members present their ideas and then write a brief description of why the idea is worthy of being expanded into a blog post. We discuss the pros and cons of each idea, with a special focus on what readers can expect from such an article. It should be informative and practical. If the idea meets our criteria of “Is your story good enough?” we move it to Editorial.
We will determine the best time to publish the pitch after it is accepted. It shouldn’t be the same author twice in a week – too many writing could cause strain on their regular work schedules. In Progress
The Editor moves the task from the In Progress section to the Editing Section two weeks before publication. This notifies the assignee of the approaching deadline. The Editor will assist the writer if they are unable to meet the deadline.
The Editor receives the draft and has to proofread it, break it into smaller pieces and reassemble it. All the while praising and cursing English for its beautiful and sometimes frustrating rules and structure. The Editor and the writer will also have to go back-and forth several times to ensure that the article is on point. This is especially important when it comes to storytelling.
Next, order the illustrations from the designer and create all required media assets. This is an independent process that follows similar rules. First, the idea for the assets is described. Then, the designer evaluates their feasibility and makes suggestions. The designer will draw attention to elements that are not working in art and design because they intuitively know what works. The designer then shows the first version, which may go through many iterations until it is just right.
ActiveCollab is a collaboration tool. We love the benefits that synergetic teamwork can bring, even to our blog. Every member of the content team is encouraged read the article before it is published and to share their thoughts. A team that works well together can accept criticism as a way to improve your work and not as an attack on your feelings. It is always a good idea to have another pair of eyes look over your work. Their suggestions and insights can prove invaluable.
Once the article is completed, we publish it on our website and send it to our subscribers via our newsletter. We then take a moment to appreciate the hard work and effort that went into each piece of content that we create. Growth: Everything you need to know before you can grow your business
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