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Super Stickman Golf
Super Stickman Golf is a 2D golf game that’s really easy to pick up and play, with tons of fantastical themed courses, interesting power-ups, and excellent physics-based gameplay.Rather than your standard 3D layout seen in many golf games, Super Stickman Golf offers up a 2D platform experience.The courses often have multiple levels you’ll need to reach and obstacles you’ll need to avoid to finally get on the green.Overall, with over 260 holes to play across several themed courses, unique obstacles, arcade elements, and local and online multiplayer, Super Stick Man Golf has plenty to offer any arcade golf fan.You play the game as the titular Super Stickman, with three course packs.Classic offers 16 beginner courses, Super includes eight intermediate courses, and Expansion sports five painfully advanced courses from which to choose.Each course includes nine holes.So right from the start, there’s a lot of gameplay packed into Super Stickman Golf.Only one course in each pack is unlocked at the start.You unlock additional courses by playing well; if you meet or beat par on the previous course, you unlock the next.Alternatively, you can spend your hard-earned cash on in-app purchases to unlock some or all of the other courses and bonuses, but that feels dirty to me.When you select a course—say, The Cliffs, par 47—you first choose whether you want to play all nine holes or practice just one of them.If you choose to play the full nine, you then get to load up your golfbag with power-ups.These include Mulligan, which lets you retry a laughably errant shot, or Sticky Ball, which lets your ball temporarily stick to walls.As with the courses, you’ll need to unlock the power-ups through various achievements.Once you’ve stocked your golf bag, you’re ready to play.You adjust your shot’s trajectory using large virtual buttons, and then tap the Go circle when you’re satisfied.That triggers the power meter control; you tap a second time to choose the level you’re after, and then it’s fire in the hole.Or, more preferably, your golf ball.The beauty of this game is in the simplicity it offers.The controls are all so easy that you can actually be pretty good at the game in a short amount of time.To me, the whole app experience seems like an old school Nintendo game: from the catchy, silly background music, to the extremely simple and “stick-like” graphics.Think of this as the Excitebike of apps.The game itself is really fun and addicting.There is something about its simple gameplay that keeps you coming back for more.It’s one of those games you will stay up playing at night- “just one more level” you’ll tell yourself- an hour later, you’re still playing.Do yourself a favor and get this game now.The amount of content you get for a mere dollar is amazing.
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A simple-yet-genius iPhone app,Instapaper lets users save magazine, newspaper and blog pieces for reading later in the day, like during a commute.Best of all, the app syncs with your web account so no matter where you find your content, it’s all available in the app.Once you save a story to Instapaper, it downloads the text in an easy-to-read format that can be read even if your phone is offline without an internet connection.The concept is a simple one.Bookmark a website from your computer or the iPhone’s browser using a special bookmark, and it’ll be added to your Instapaper account.From there, you can read it in the app. Instapaper removes superfluous ads and other assorted clutter, and displays it in a clean, easily readable interface.Once it’s downloaded to Instapaper, you can read your articles offline, anywhere you can take your iPhone. It’s extremely convenient, especially for longer articles and blog posts that might take a solid chunk of time to read.The cornerstone of Instapaper is simplicity, but the app provides plenty of features and options.First, when it comes to reading articles, you can customize your display.Font choices include Helvetica, Georgia, and Verdana; you can shrink the font size; a night mode inverts the background (white-text-against-black-screen works better at night).To scroll through an article, you can flick the screen as you would normally in Safari, or use the other two options: tilt scrolling and pagination.Tilt scrolling works fluidly and simply: tap a button to enable the mode, and the text scrolls based on angle of your device.Pagination requires a single tap to advance a page, much as you’d expect from an eBook reader.What Instapaper does is simple on the surface, but doing it well is another thing entirely.Instapaper looks, feels, and acts like a native Apple app: it has the same level of polish and a well-designed user interface.And, more importantly, it’s incredibly useful…especially if you’re a WiFi-bound iPod Touch user or don’t have a data plan.Last year, I used the free version extensively for storing AP US History notes for quick studying between classes and on the bus; having the full version’s features makes it even better.For long blog posts and articles, it’s also a very nice touch; sitting down to read an enormous post might not fit with your browsing habits, but it’s easy to set it aside for later.
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By Delilah