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Wanna listen to stations from around the U.S. live from your iPhone?Clear Channel has come to the App Store and is giving you the iheart radio iPhone app that lets you explore new stations from across the country and listen to them live.Iheart radio brings your favorite radio stations to the iPhone or iPod Touch for free.Iheartradio delivers over 750 of America’s favorite radio stations to your iphone.Genres include alternative, Christian, classic rock, dance, Spanish language, and many more.For those who prefer to catch up on the latest news, iheartradio features plenty of options in the news, talk radio, and sports categories.Bookmark your favorite stations, tag songs for purchase on iTunes and view lyrics to your favorite songs.Iheartradio also features the best selection of exclusive digital stations including Slow Jams, White House Brief, erockster, Pride Radio, Smooth Jazz, AT40 with Ryan Seacrest and some of the top talk stations in the country featuring Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Dr. Laura and many others.All stations are streamed in Apple’s high-quality AAC format for a superior listening experience.The I Heart Radio App also allows users to select favorite stations for easy access later, and it displays lyrics and song information if applicable.You can also find radio stations in other cities, which is one of the best features of iheartradio.Each radio stations loads very fast.Finally if you feel adventurous, try the Shake it tab!Just shake the iPhone and iheart radio randomly picks a radio station for you to enjoy.Features.1) Lyrics: In the now playing section you can tap on lyrics (if available) and you can view the lyrics for the given song if you wanna sing along.2) Album Art: Another great feature of iheart radio is that the album cover art is shown for the currently playing song if available.
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