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Tiny Wings

You are a small bird with a tiny set of wings sleeping in your nest at the start with an ambition to start flying!But like any bird, you wish to fly!Tiny Wings allows you to awake your bird and take him on an adventure over a fantastic selection of islands teaching him how to fly and judge hills, etc.The game is all about momentum and speed, as you have to keep going forward and getting as far as you can, getting as many points as possible before the sun sets.To help you out, there are coins that give you bonus points, speed coins that can help you launch higher and farther.As well, the game gives you points for keeping up your momentum by giving you points for clean launches, doubling your points when you combo clean launches, and for launching so high that you touch the clouds.Tiny Wings is so satisfying because its gameplay is built around momentum and flow; it feels extremely satisfying to play it and succeed, and to improve at it as you figure out the perfect time to stop flying and drop to launch yourself up.The game rewards you for practicing and playing the game repeatedly: by completing objectives like collecting a certain number of coins in one game, you can unlock new nests, which increase your starting score multiplier.The music is wonderful as well, fitting perfectly to the game’s theme.The sound effects and animation also do a great job at providing character to Tiny Wings’ protagonist and making him a cute and adorable character; your kids are going to love him.Playing Tiny Wings, one just gets a feeling that this is a game that could be absolutely huge – from the ingenious unique gameplay to the charming protagonist and stunning visual style, all the elements for a smash hit are here.There’s a lot to love with Tiny Wings, and plenty of reason to come back to this one.
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Movie Challenge

Presenting “Movie Challenge”, the most engaging and best selling Movie Trivia experience available on iPhone OS.Pick up and play “Movie Challenge” for five minutes or five hours, the vast bank of original questions and content will keep you entertained no matter how much time you have available to play. “Movie Challenge” is not only the perfect game to play at home or work but also the quintessential travel companion.”Movie Challenge” features ten different question categories based on Actors, Actresses, Horror, Sci-Fi, Comedy and more.Each category features different ‘mini-games’ which include Quotes, Trivia, What Year, True or False, Hangman and many more. All these games include different Power-Ups, making this much more than your average quiz game. New Power-Up, “Ask The World”, is based on actual answers of other players around the world and shows you realtime percentages based on the choices they made.Challenge your friends and family to a game of our unique Pass ‘n’ Play multiplayer. For 2 to 4 players or teams, “Movie Challenge” Pass ‘n’ Play is the perfect party game.The ultimate goal is just like any other trivia game. . .get as many points as possible. When you first open the application you see it looks just like the icons that you have on your device. You must complete ‘available’ spots before new spots open up. Going into an available spot will bring up 3 category choices. . .if you get one right then you move on. . .if you get it wrong, you get 2 more chances. Get all 3 wrong and you get the entire spot marked as ‘incorrect’ and you lose points(and yes your points can go into negatives).The quicker you answer a question the more points you get for it(if it’s a correct answer), and if you get it wrong you get points taken away.
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Twilight Movie Trivia

Ladies and gentlemen. There is a new boom in town and it seems that everyone is consumed by it. There is not a single person who hasn’t herd about the great love between the human Bella and her vampire sweetheart Edward. We have all watched the movies and we have all read the books (in a single breath), and we have all played the games. And just when it seems that there is not much more things to do the iPhone apps team has surprised us again. Our Trivia includes the following features: 100 Questions all about Twilight the Movie, resume Game for those interrupted by a phone call or would simply like to finish later, countdown meter starts at 100 points and falls with each passingsecond, hurry to make your correct answer to maximize your points, notsure of the answer? -Just wait and potential answers that are incorrectwill be removed to help narrow down your selections (all while yourpotential points are diminishing),  leaderboard setting so you can post your score to our Global Leaderboard and compare how you rank. Sounds fun. So why waiting? Download this app and start playing. Test your Twilight knowledge, and see if you are a true fan or just a wannabe. Good luck!
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If you are one of those movie junkies with an iPhone then boy I’ve got great news for you. Imagine an application that contains all you can imagine about movies, including what are the latest titles and when they are going to hit the theaters, when are they comming to the theatres near you, movie reviews, movie posters, ratings (G, PG, R etc), breaf movie descriptions, movie trailers, spoilers and many more. I know it might seem a little over the top, but a little over the top is what we need at the moment, and the Showtime iPhone app is really offering all these stuff and more.  The best part is that this application gives your search results in a colapsible list, which allows you to check out your favorite movies one at a time.  Possibly the only drawback is that this app does not contain an option which allows you to purchase your tickets online. But then again a little walk has not hurt anyone so far.  But lets get back into reviewing this app.  First the interfce, it’s pretty smooth and slick, the shortcut buttons are at the bottom of your screen and they can really help you keep your things organised. Next the graphics, even thought the graphics get a two thumbs up there still some room for improvement, for example, I really don’t dig the purple color, it tires my eyes and I can’t read the darker colored text on top of it. And last but not least stability, the users of Sowtimes’ previous versions know that there were some kincks and bugs with the systems, but what they do not know is that those bugs have been ironed out and the application runds fairly smooth.  All things considered I really think that this application can help you decide which movie you are going to see next, it can give you a real overview of what’s worth watching and what’s not.
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Movie Genie

If you’re like me and have a lot of conversations with people about movies and TV shows, you need Movie Genie. When you open Movie Genie, the app immediately opens the search screen –this is the kind of thing that I applaud developers for, it’s thesimple things that help with speed that makes the great apps great.Instead of everything being in one long list, Movie Genie separates themovie details into “Details” and “Cast & Crew”. The “Details”section contains the usual quick stuff: release date, genre, plot, etc.Also certain things are able to be clicked, like Trivia and Goofs, sothat you can go to a longer page for each of these features. “Cast &Crew” is obviously where you would find the director, screenwriter,other people important to the film, and the cast.I love the idea of splitting the pages into two. Having the cast and anactor’s filmography at easy access at the top of the pages just helpsto further increase the speed of the two most sought after details of amovie. When I jump on IMDB, the two most common things that I am lookingfor are who plays someone in a movie or what other movies someoneplayed in. Other than search, at the bottom are two other features that I think aregreat ideas: history and favorites. That way if there is a certain movie or actor that you’re constantlylooking up, you have them on a list for easy access, once again I have to say a huge plus.All in all this is an easy to use, and yes, very useful app.  So if you are one of those movie know it alls then you simply must have this app.
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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages let me introduce you, to the newest iphone app, Fandango. Your waiting in line in front of the cinema or theatre has come to an end, because with this iphone app you can purchase tickets to the newest blockbuster from the comfort of your own couch. This app allows you to watch the newest movie trailers, and be in touch with what’s showing in your nearest cinema.  View fan ratings and see what’s hot and what’s not for the season. Always be prepared for a quick date and have an ace up your sleeve, with this iphone app you will be the go to person when it comes to good movies, theater plays and even musicals.
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MovieLingo is a free and fun iPhone application for all movie worshippers. With this application you can test your movie knowledge; just shake your iPhone and movie by genre and decade will be casually selected; a clip from that genre and decade will be played, next you should do is to tab the “Reveal Movie” and see the correct answer.
*Amusing and fun*Picking movies by genre (Drama, Acton, Comedy and many more) or decade (1920s-2000)*Few more tabs (featured clips, bookmarked movie quotes, history, and settings)
This application is available at the Apple iTunes Apps Store.
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