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Good news for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform users! The Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect Beta Exam has arrived. The MB-600 Solution Architect Exam is coming to an end, so the new PL-600 Power Platform Solution Architect Exam will replace it. You will become a Microsoft Certified Power Platform Solutions Architect Expert by passing the PL-600 exam and earning one of these certifications.
Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Developer Associate
Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Functional Consultant Associate
Microsoft’s first Solution Architect exam was MB-600. This change was welcomed as it was inevitable, however, as the focus shifted towards Power Platform certifications.
When does Exam MB-600 retire?
Exam MB-600 will be retired on June 30, 2021. Exam PL-600, from then on, will be the new exam.
Learners will no longer be able take the MB600 exam after June 30, 2021. They can only sit for PL600. Learners who are currently preparing for MB600 must ensure they pass the exam before the expiration date. Instead, learners can earn the Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect Expert certification by passing Exam PL-600.
Before we get into the details, let us first give you a quick overview about the Microsoft Power Platform.
What is the Microsoft Power Platform exactly?
The Microsoft Power Platform is a collection of products that can help you create complex business solutions, automate processes and build chatbots. The unique feature of Power Platform products is their lack of code to build functionalities. This reduces the IT requirements in an organization.
The Power Platform consists of four main products:
Power BI
Automated Power
Power Virtual Agents
Power BI
Power BI is the self service Business Intelligence tool that comes with the Microsoft Power Platform bundle. It is available in both a desktop and cloud version. Power BI is able to connect to a variety of data sources and perform data analysis. It displays results in the form compelling data visualizations, interactive report and dashboards.
PowerApps allows business users to create apps without having to code using a drag-and-drop feature. PowerApps for app makers courses are ideal for learning how to best use this tool. One such course is the PL-100 Power Platform app Maker course. This course teaches professionals how to create no-code apps that are suitable for businesses. Learners can create enterprise-grade apps that work on all modern desktop browsers (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, etc.). Mobile platforms (Android and iOS)
Automated Power
Power Automate (previously Microsoft Flow) makes it easy to convert redundant and time-consuming tasks into automated workflows. This tool allows users to automate business processes, even without having to write any code. Power Automate has pre-designed templates that can be used for creating workflows. Simply drag and drop the templates to create your workflow. Power Automate can automate any task, from automating leave policies to sending automated emails.
Power Virtual Agents
Microsoft Power Virtual Agents is a brand new tool that Microsoft has added to its Power Platform suite. This tool allows users create virtual chat agents for their business websites. This amazing feature allows enterprises to create chatbots from scratch without writing any code. Power Automate is linked to the Power Virtual Agents tool. This allows for automated responses and tasks to be triggered.
Learn more about the Power Platform products and how they interact. You can also take Microsoft Power Platform training courses to prepare you for a valuable Microsoft certification.
Who can take the Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect Beta Exam, or the PL-600 Exam
The Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect Beta Exam and the PL-600 exam are suitable for the following:
Experienced in taking proactive and preventive measures to increase the client’s investment.
Learners who are able to identify opportunities that solve business problems.
Professionals who promote organizational health in all of their engagements.
This certification is available to professionals who fall within any of these categories. This certification can be achieved by completing Microsoft Power Platform training courses. Training from an authorized trainer

By Delilah