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Microsoft has launched a new certification exam called Customer Data Platform Specialty. It focuses on tracking customer information. If you are a specialist in customer profiles and tracking engagement activities to improve customer experiences and customer retention, this certification could recognize your talents and increase your job opportunities.
What are the prerequisites to take the MB-260 examination?
Experience in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Microsoft Dataverse is required. Microsoft recommends that you have experience in privacy, compliance and consent, security, responsible ai, and data retention policies.
Candidates should be familiar with KPIs and data retention, validation, visualization preparation, matching, segmentation, augmentation, Azure Machine Learning.
Basic information about the MB260 exam
Skills measured:Design customer insights solutions (5-10%)
Ingest data into Customer Intelsights (10-15%)
Unifying data (20-25%) to create customer profiles
Implement AI predictions in Customer Intelligences (10-15%)
Configure segments and measures (15-20%)
Configure third-party connections (10-15%)
Administer Customer Insights (5-10%)

To pass the exam, you need 700 marks
The exam costs US $165
Why should I take the MB260 examination?
This certification will make you a Customer Data Platform Specialty Associates. This exam should be taken for the following reasons.
You will learn how to create Customer Insight solutions as well as how to Ingest data into Customer Insight.
With the given data, you can create separate customer profiles.
In Customer Insight, you will use AI predictions.
You will create segments and measures.
Third-party connections will need to be configured.
You will also manage Customer Insight.
What job roles will I be able to get after my certification?
Data Engineer
Data Analyst
Data Scientist
Functional Consultant
What certifications are available that could help me?
This certification is for you if you are an expert with knowledge, skills and experience in developing solutions that provide insight into customer profiles and track engagement activity to improve customer experiences. You can also obtain additional certifications to help you understand the subject matter.
Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (CRM).
Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (ERP).
Power Platform Fundamentals
How can I prepare to take the certification exam?
You can gain practical knowledge by working as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultant in a Customer Insights project. You can also join Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 community or explore Microsoft’s learning path.
This is how self-learning works:
Get started with the Customer Data Platform
Ingest data into Audience insights.
In Dynamics 365 Audience insights, create a unified customer profile.
Dynamics 365 Audience insights.
With Audience insights, enrich data and make predictions
The Customer Data Platform allows you to manage external connections.
Administrator of customer data.
You can also sign up for popular instructor-led courses like NetCom Learning’s MB-266T00: Microsoft Customer Data Platform Specialty Course. Learn about Dynamics 365 Customer Intelligences and how to unify customer information with pre-built connectors, predict customer intention, and maintain control over customer data.
Why choose NetCom Learning
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By Delilah