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Mavenlink, a popular software for project management, shared their 5 most popular articles with us. One article featured 5 TED talks on leadership. These TED talks covered how to be a leader, be happy at your job, deal with stress, and how children can learn from others. Warning! Spoiler alert! These talks are valuable and informative for project management and Mavenlink participates there, so I thought it would be interesting for me to review Mavenlink, according to the perspectives of these talks. What is Mavenlink’s view of TED? Specifically, Mavenlink is, according to TED: a positive leader, friend with stress, self-organizing, and a good fictional story.
Simon Sinek: Great Leaders Inspire Action
Sinek repeatedly stresses the importance of communicating the “Ao’why” to your team and to anyone listening. Sinek says that leaders should communicate why they do what they do. However, if we just explain what we need to do, this approach is less effective. Sinek believes that a group must understand the purpose or reason of your idea or concept before they will follow it. They will be more likely to listen to what you have to say if they can relate to it or agree with it. People are less likely to believe in your idea if you first explain what needs to happen, then how it can be done. They are less likely follow your example.
Mavenlink, tell us your why? What is your why? Mavenlink’s website explains that they strive to connect and serve. Mavenlink’s Why: The business landscape is global, interconnected, and moving quickly. Their how: Have the right tool, Ai Mavenlink’s Tool of course. The last thing is their what. This refers to what you can do with the tool. You can thrive. What do they believe? Mavenlink quotes: “Every company is capable of success; intense pressure is forcing changes; technology helps with scaling up and growth.” It’s your turn! Are you a Mavelink believer?
2nd Talk: Shawn Achor: Happier Work
Achor talks in a lighthearted way about how your perception of the outside world will ultimately determine your attitude towards it. To grow, most people set another goal after they feel they have achieved their goals. We can feel like we are never good enough. We must do more. We end up constantly chasing an unending goal. Achor eloquently states, “Happiness can be pushed over the cognitive horizon.AP”.
Achor’s point is to train your brain towards being more positive. How do you do that? To see the 2-minute solution, you’ll need to watch the video. Your brain will be 31% more productive if it has been trained to be positive. A doctor who trains his/her brain in positive thinking can diagnose 19% faster than a doctor who is in a negative, neutral, or stressed state. This is something every doctor should consider in their daily work routine.
Mavenlink, what is your positivity? Mavenlink’s positivity, which is their belief that businesses can succeed, goes back to their philosophy. Their positivity also includes helping businesses manage their budgets and timelines. Do you need this positivity?
3rd Talk: Kelly McGonigal – How to Make Stress Your Friend
Say it! Stress is your friend. Positive thinking is another angle. Research shows that stress can be used to prepare for difficult jobs. Research shows that stress can have little to no effect on your ability to focus and do your job well.

By Delilah