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Lookz-Berry M
If you want to have a handy tool that will give you fashion and beauty advice on- the- go, probably you will need to have the “Lookz-Berry M” iPhone app. This app will provide you video tutorials, make-up tips and fashion advices. Created with the help of some make-up experts and fashion stylists, this app offers instructions about the different looks such as Natural Look; Emo; Celebrity Look which is inspired by Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Beyonce and many more popular artists. All you have to do is to select the look that you want to have. Just watch the video tutorial and perform the same technique of putting the make-up on your face. In case you have missed something from the video, just tap on the backward button and watch it again.Overall, it’s a good think to have this app on your phone. So, go check it out. It’s a free app.
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Speakeasy Cocktails
Impress family аnd friends bу blending thе ideal splash wіth Speakeasy Cocktails: Gather frοm thе Present Mixologists app for iphone.Speakeasy Cocktails is an interactive book offering numerous cocktail recipes as well as some very handy advice regarding how best to get the right effect.With different kinds of ice cube possible and different ideal methods to create these cube types, there’s plenty to learn.Luckily, Speakeasy Cocktails educates in an entertaining yet highly informative way.The app oozes high value content with over 90 minutes of HD video tutorials on offer from the experts along with much more.The early stages of the book prepare the user for creating cocktails with explanations for all the equipment that is required.Tips are steadily provided as well with interactive guided tours and even video guides to supplement the reading.The recipes themselves comprise of 200 different types, gathered from leading cocktail bars across the world.How to video guides are provided here along with image galleries showing the splendor of the resulting creation.Recipes are divided according to their type such as gin, vodka, brandy, champagne, tequila etc.A seasonal recipes section also exists providing some ideal suggestions for Christmas based or other occasions.Each recipe is laid out in a simple manner with every key term or ingredient trappable for more explanation.A detailed history of the various types of alcohol is provided along with the history of the speakeasies of old.For the true connoisseur, an interactive map can guide them around the world to track down 44 of today’s speakeasy-revival cocktail bars.Speakeasy Cocktails provides the full package, right down to the ability to order useful items or ingredients from within the app by buying from affiliated sites.Covering everything from the basics to cocktail creation to more advanced techniques means that there’s something for everyone.For the Historian, there’s plenty to gaze at too making for a fascinating read as well as an ideal training course for the amateur bartender.
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Palm Reader Guide
Have you always wanted to learn the secrets of palmistry?Uncover now the secrets that fortunetellers conceal and discover your personality at the look of your hand!Palmistry is practiced all over the world, with roots in Indian astrology.With this app, you will learn to interpret your OWN hand:we’ll give you some guidance at what aspects of it to look for, and we’ll deliver a precise description of your virtues, flaws and overall personality.Once you launch Palm Reader, you’ll need to tap the camera button that’s on the bottom of the screen and take a photo of your palm. Once you are satisfied with the palm photo, use it to read your palm. It will scan your palm, display it on screen and read your personality while showing the directions of lines in your palm. It’s fun and anybody can do it. Its nice to have outline of hand as a guide when taking picture of hand and it also highlights what each line has to say about your fortune.You can set the reading on silly, serious or Bar bet mode. Its available in languages like English, Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian. It makes this application, an enjoyable and simple experience too, easily worth the asking price.At the moment this is the only palm reading simulation available at the iTunes App Store and a great little application to have some fun with friends!
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Demotivational Pics

Do you ever feel sad and think that nothing and no one can help you? Here come some Demotivational Pics.This is your savior! Even the name of the app is Demotivational Pics and has integrated a large amount of collection of all of the best and most popular demotivational images, chosen from all over the internet, from all the languages and all the people.A huge amount of free hilarious demotivational pictures get updated every day and the most awesome thing is that this application is completely free!The funniest and most amazing demotivational pictures are inserted in this app, for you to get pass your sadness.So, if you want a good laugh, check it now, it’s free and doesn’t require anything.Some of its features include the ability to vote on your preferred pictures to alter their popularity, a simple and easy-to-use interface and even the ability to download the entire image you like.Or if you find some collection of images that this application doesn’t have, go on and upload it from their website.
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Sneakerology is a brilliant resource for the sneaker-head in you.It offers street-smart resources about every shoe, shoe-maker, and celebrity model on the planet.The iPhone app also includes a nifty social-networking aspect, making it the all-out package for a shoe-fan like yourself.It’s got some room left to grow, but even now it’s the best shoe-feed app available on the market.Sneakerology is a unique app which will allow users up-to-the-minute updates on upcoming releases, daily news and video reviews about their favorite sneaker brands like Nike, Jordans, Reebok, Supra, Pumpa, Converse and much more.The app offers a great way to communicate with other sneaker ‘gurus’ through it’s built-in social network called Socialize that users can share through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube for forum discussions and blogs.Highlights include:Built-in icons taken from real sneakersVideo reviews on the hottest new sneakersTutorials on how to clean and bring old sneakers back to life…Plus, release dates for new kicksDaily news on sneaker events, sneaker parties and much moreShare sneaker finds through networks such as Twitter and Facebook or emailStay connected to the biggest mobile sneaker community network in the worldLike and comment on articles, blog posts, images and videosFollow the activity stream of other users within the app
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TigerMe Club

TigerMe Club is the ultimate dating advisor for men that provide its members with unique content and access to the world’s best invitation-only social clubs as InterNations, Asmallworld, Frenchtuesdays.TigerMe Club gives an answer on the eternal men’s question “What do women really want?” Tiger Club LLC offers iPhone users unique and the most comprehensive iPhone dating guide that makes dealing with women a whole lot easier.This elite club is designed to teach its members how to successfully communicate with the opposite sex, offers them practical advices from world’s best experts, provides them with quick advice in the middle of the situation, helps significantly improve their inter-personal skills by giving missions and testing with a quiz after each chapter.It will also keep its members up-to-date with the latest news from dating world.The application is basically a collection of articles on “art” of seducing women, spread across 5 key areas, including:Know-how – where all the information about how to behave oneself with the opposite sex and how to build the desired lifestyle. The summary chapter and quizzes are available at the end of each chapter to test the knowledge of the user.Meeting area – which is a “quick dating guide” that can be used right in the middle of the situation, offering a variety of meeting situations from coffee shop to club dance floor.Advisor area – summarizes key communication problems and gives real life solutions and tips on how to prevent such situations from occurring.Coach area – step-by-step training program that is intended to improve users’ dating and social skills by giving them tasks for three months. Users get points for completed missions that can be used to unlock the exclusive content in…Club area – available for VIP members only.
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Memento is a creative e-card creator that lets you pick a style, take a picture(or use one), add some text, and then email it to your friends or family.Compose a card by picking one of the beautiful built-in styles, adding a picture, and your own words. Memento’s emails are of unmatched quality and richness.Memento’s built-in designer styles support and enhance your pictures, and help convey a mood or feeling.Memento comes with over 20 different templates to use making the selection not as good as it could be….Thankfully the developers say that they will be adding more styles with future updates. This of course will be what makes or breaks this application. If there were 100+ styles then this would be a home run e-card maker. . .but with less than 2 dozen, it pretty much limits you to what you can send.Memento is very easy to use, because of that. . .FEATURES:- 20 designer styles- visual, fully WYSIWYG display of cards- multiple email recipients- amazing yet familiar user interface- tested to be compatible with Mac OS X Mail, Thunderbird, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, MobileMeShare an emotion, a precious moment, a unique event. With your iPhone and Memento.
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