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Machine log data has seen a huge increase in popularity due to the increasing demand for machine learning and increased use of IoT devices. This has made it necessary for professionals to analyze the data and find solutions. Data analysis can also help organizations understand customer behaviours and provide better services. This process of analysing data is not easy.
Companies are seeking professionals who can work with a software-based platform to efficiently capture and analyse unstructured textual machine generated data. Splunk’s greatest benefit is the high demand and limited supply. This creates job opportunities that offer higher incentives. Splunk certifications can be a worthwhile investment in terms of time and effort as well as money. They can help you get hired and earn a better salary. Splunk certifications are required for many job postings. The $125 exam and $2,000 training program make it worthwhile. Let’s now find out more about the Splunk certification and whether it’s worth the effort.
About Splunk Certifications
Splunk is software-based platform that allows you to capture and analyze unstructured textual machine-generated data. Because it can handle a wide range of tasks, it is popular with both large and small businesses. Splunk, a software-based platform that captures and analyzes unstructured textual machine generated data efficiently. It can be used in a variety of businesses, large and small. It is a great career path to learn Splunk. An entry-level Splunk professional can expect to make around $80,000 annually. You can earn well above $100,000 as you gain experience and improve your skills.
Let’s now look at a few reasons why you should become Splunk certified.
Why should you become Splunk Certified
Here are some reasons to get certified.
Most certifications in tech fields such as web development and machine learning are meaningless. Employers prefer practical skills. Certifications are highly valuable when it comes to Splunk. A Splunk certificate certifies that you have attended Splunk training classes and passed the exam. It also shows that you are proficient enough to use Splunk and are familiarized with the software.
Also, is it possible to become a Splunk expert without any certifications? Certainly. You will make more if you are Splunk Certified. Even if two candidates have similar skills and experience, certified candidates are more likely to be paid higher.
This is also obvious. This is a fact that is obvious. One of them, however, has a certificate that proves he has been certified and has attended the official training classes.
Many Splunk positions require certifications because they are so valuable. For example, a company might require that candidates be Splunk Certified Enterprise Safety Admin certified. Even if you have the skills required for the job, you won’t be able to apply or be contacted if that happens.
Splunk offers certifications
Splunk CertificationLearning OutcomesSplunk Core Certified User Develop skills to navigate and use Splunk, creating basic statistical reports and dashboards. Splunk Core Certified Power UserDevelop a basic understanding and ability to use Splunk, creating basic statistical reports and dashboards, and to manage Splunk’s administration.

By Delilah