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The Apple App Store has several music related apps, which do variedtasks from identifying tracks to creating music. Now comes a uniqueapplication for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch devices that is capableof turning normal speech into a song. This could be the best thing that ever happened to the App store. Forgetthe talent of being able to sing, this app will transform yournot-so-beautiful-voice into a star’s voice. It is simple, talk and theapp does the rest, there is not editing to be made. The app willgenerate a full song, so if you spoke only one word it will play oneword along with the beat of the song.Now for the beats, you have a selection of free ones like “doublerainbow” and “bed intruder” which you must’ve seen on Youtube. Anyway,if you didn’t .. there is a group of guys and a girl who are called The Gregory Brothers and they take viral videos and they auto-tune it. Well we can do thesame now with style, you can even share the songs on Facebook, Twitteror even email it.You can listen to other people’s terrible singingturned into good singing as well.Just tap the circular button and hold the phone or the mic closer to thespeakers’ mouth. Then speak whatever you or record any random speech onyour device. Stop recording whenever you feel like and the app willrandomly create a song based on one of the The Gregory Brothers’ song.You can record a maximum of 60 seconds at one time and there arevarious styles of backing tracks to choose from.They have even includedsome tracks from their hit videos.You can also save the songs with titles or names you wish to.Songify  also provides a nice way to record special messages for your friends.Try it and you won’t regret!
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Trick your friends and family! Make them think they have deleted your iPhone data and watch them pee in their pants!This application looks like an innocent game named “Fun-o-rama”, though it is actually not a game but a hilarious practical joke.Offer your friends to play “a new cool game you’ve downloaded”, called “Fun-o- rama”.A few seconds after they press the “game” icon and enter the “game screen” ,an iPhone message will pop up,saying they erased your iPhone data!You may choose a message from a list of 6 different options, or add free style messages!In order to change the text that will appear in the message,all you have to do is press the “Fun-o-rama” icon,and after the “frightening” message pops up shake your iPhone three times.This will direct you to a screen with a list of optional texts, and all you have to do is tick the text you wish to use at the moment.In this way you can constantly change the text that will appear in the message, and even make up “terrifying” messages of your own!
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MetroLyrics Pro

Now,not only can you find the lyrics to the songs you listen to,but you can tell your friends on TWITTER and FACEBOOK all about them!Using the new MAP CHARTS (populated by users, *may take up to a few days to populate and grows with more users and more plays*) function you can find the most popular songs in your city and see what are the most popular songs other MetroLyrics Pro users are listening to in cities all over the world!View music videos of your favorite songs on YOUTUBE by simply tilting your iPhone on its side!Enjoy access to the MetroLyrics music charts.Exclusive access to the planet’s largest,most concise and popular database of over a MILLION song lyrics from 40 Million people come to MetroLyrics every month for a reason,now you have the power of the world’s #1 Lyric site,right at your fingertips!
Features:- Tweet the songs your listening to on Twitter instantly, view the Top Twitterers and view your own Tweet history.- Share the songs your listening to with your friends on FACEBOOK instantly.- Special MAP CHARTS function allows you to view what other people around you are listening to. Populated by users. *may take a few days to populate since it’s generated by users like you- Find the most popular songs in your city as the charts get populated by you and your friends- Watch music videos of your songs from youtube by simply turning your iPhone on its side 90 degrees.- Exclusive access to over a MILLION songs from – the world’s #1 source for Lyrics.- Access to the Exclusive MetroLyrics music charts.- Switch between artist album artwork and a standard background for easy reading- Sophisticated, slick search function allows you to search for songs – even by just a few key words from a song, title or artist.- Unique FAQ section to guide you all the way.
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Tap Tap Revenge 4
Tap Tap Revenge 4 is a music replication game in which players tap in time with the music. The game is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and was released by Tapulous.In Tap Tap Revenge 4, players are required to tap in time to the music as the beats rush down three bars. As these beats reach the tap buttons at the bottom, the player needs to tap the iPhone’s touch screen. Tap Tap Revenge is a multiplayer game, but only to a very basic point. 2 players can play simultaneously on the same screen by facing each end of the iPhone towards them. The players then compete against each other on the same song and try to outscore each other.The tutorial provided is pretty well done as there is actual speech explaining the game but the game is so basic that all it takes is a little common sense to figure out.The genius of Tap Tap Revenge is the freemium model it follows, tempting users with free songs and then hooking them into buying premium tracks. The fact that Tapulous releases a new free song every week means that players are constantly checking back into the app, and while they’re browsing they may just find a song or two they wouldn’t mind paying to add to their collection. Granted, the music in the game tends to skew towards the Top 40 charts, but its hard to blame the developers for that, they’re just giving the people what they want.Tap Tap Revenge is a nice time killer and provides a standard experience when playing against a buddy but it still lacks much depth and doesn’t break any new ground, if anything it takes a step back from Tap Tap Revolution.Features:- Fully customizable avatars, with an in-game store full of cool digital clothing and accessories- Chat and private messaging- Free online battles- A brand new FREE track every week, straight from the top of the charts- Weekly contests, updates, and bonus extra content- And much, much more!
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Wanna make music on your iPhone? BeatMaker is hands down the most powerful and easy to use musical instrument app developed for the iPhone to date.Using BeatMaker creative tools, you can compose, record, arrange, and tweak live your ideas into a complete song, ready to be shared with others.Inspired by professional drum machines, samplers and sequencers, BeatMaker combines them into one inspirational instrument.Pick up samples from the original sound-bank, including many genres and special sound packs made by featured musicians and producers.Record your own audio samples on-the-go and use them instantly into your composition!FEATURES:
★ 16 sample-based trigger pads, with multi-touch support (up to 5 pads at once)★ Low latency playback and sample-accurate audio engine★ Live pattern recording and arranging★ Audio recording from microphone or headset (iPhone and iPod Touch 2nd gen only)★ Step sequencer with different resolutions for easy and precise pattern creation★ Change the volume, pan and pitch of each steps to compose rich melodies and beats★ Multi track song sequencer: arrange your patterns into complete songs★ Create unlimited number of patterns of different sizes (one to four bar)★ Export your songs to Audio file (WAV) and MIDI score and share them with your friends★ Original sound library provided with multiple genres: BreakBeat, Drum & Bass, Dub, Electronica, Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Rock and more to come !
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The #1 music app in 21 countries, Glee Karaoke makes you sound like a star. Sing your heart out to songs from the hit TV show while a little magic helps you sound amazing. Do you have what it takes to make it to the top? You’ll find out as you compete with people all over the world! Enjoyed over 8 million times, Glee Karaoke lets you sing, compete and share with the world.New Gleek Of The Week Contest! Sing the song of the week for a chance to win FIVE FREE songs. Two winners are chosen daily! New song each Tuesday!Glee Karaoke gives you real-time feedback so you’ll sound better each time you sing. Starbursts and colorful guides show you how well you are singing so you can improve as you go. Look for helpful comments and encouragement from Gleeks all over the world! Winning never sounded so good! Think you have mastered your favorite song? See if you have what it takes to make it onto the daily starburst leaderboard with your performance. Ready to take on the world? Compete with fellow users around the globe to collect the most starbursts. Complete fun missions to level up and earn starbursts faster than ever. Watch as you climb the ranks! Share your songs with Gleeks around the globe. Broadcast your performances on your own radio tower, right from the app, for others to enjoy. Listen to others sing and add your own voice to their recordings. Don’t forget to include your friends. Share your songs on Facebook, Twitter and email and invite them to sing along. Share your songs with Gleeks around the globe. Broadcast your performances on your own radio tower, right from the app, for others to enjoy. Listen to others sing and add your own voice to their recordings. Don’t forget to include your friends. Share your songs on Facebook, Twitter and email and invite them to sing along.
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Rock Band

Rock Band redefined music games, becoming an overnight sensation that let you jam out to popular tunes with your friends. Without the fake plastic instruments, the shared embarrassment of turning you living room into a karaoke lounge, and the fun of playing music with your friends, what are you left with? The tapping monotony of the iPhone version of Rock Band from Electronic Arts. To wit: Rock Band for the iPhone does for the Rock Band franchise what Creed did for rock music.The game translates much of what made the franchise so exciting—popular rock songs from a variety of eras and artists—and then mixes in easy-to-understand controls, a sleek interface, and the alluring ability to play as one of four instruments (bass, vocals, guitar, and drums). You start off with 15 songs (including singles by Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Blondie, and many others) and can then unlock additional songs or buy song packs in 99-cent installments through in-app purchases. The controls vary from predictable retreads to ghastly bastardizations. If you play guitar or bass, you simply tap the screen with your fingers at the appropriate time and earn extra points for enabling power boosts when you’ve collected enough energy. You can pause the game and pick up shortly before your next note—a nice accommodation to the short playing sessions of the iPhone. Rock Band for the iPhone is a perfectly acceptable tapping rhythm game that—like a Nickelback song—lacks originality. Pray to the rock gods that EA decides to create an update with real vocal abilities and improved controls.
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