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Wattpad 100,000+ Books * Free

Finally an iPhone app for all you book lovers out there. Wattpad happens to be one of the most popular e-book application on theWeb, boasting more than 3 million downloads to not only iPhones, butPalm and BlackBerry devices, too. Wattpad is positioned somewhatdifferently from other e-book services and stores. Wattpad’s free reader for the iPhone and iPod touch is useful, but notbeautiful nor as feature-rich as Stanza. You can customize the typesize, text and background colors, and select from among 16 typefaces.The app also has a nice scrolling feature, which you can start and pausewith a tap and adjust the speed by touching and dragging a bar-buttonat the bottom of the screen. One interesting feature of Wattpad is the ability to browse a bookwithout actually downloading it to your device. If you like what yousee, then simply tap the “save” button on the bottom left of the screenand the book will save to your library. That said, Wattpad often has multiple copies of the same book availablefor download, some of which are translated into the e-book format betterthan others.
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CliffsNotes To Go for the iPhone™

Come on, admit it… there was at least one time when you were in highschool that you procrastinated a bit too long, backed yourself into acorner and were saved by the Cliff Notes of the book you never quite gotaround to reading. I know I have. We love books. But we love our time even more. And sometimes you just don’t have time to read every book you *need* to read, at least not right this moment. So we give you Book Bites – convenient, compact summaries of books that tell you exactly what you need to know about a book, and not much more…all in a handy little app. Don’t be left clueless at that office meeting or cocktail party, and definitely don’t miss out on a little self-help or bomb on that big test. From the latest business books to literary classics to self-improvement, Book Bites are your one-stop source for bite-sized knowledge. Key features include:  Save time on the go with the compact format and concise summary, Explore key quotations from the book – shake your device for a random quote!,  Both portrait and landscape reading modes are supported, as well as an adjustable font size for reading flexibility, Pick up where you left off with the auto-bookmarking feature Read through the summary seamlessly with Next and Previous buttons at the end of each chapter and many more conveniences that will bring you even closer to all the best literatures in the world.
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If you are a person like myself, and enjoy reading then definitely this is the perfect app for you. Featuring with a quite impressive number of books this app promises to keep you busy for a while. you probably think that there are books of some people that you’ve never heard of, and I won’t blame you, I have thought that myself.  But when I read some of the titles like: Alice In Wonderland, The Call Of The Wild, Guliver’s Travels I was stunned. But you don’t know the best part yet. The absolutely very best part is that you can download all these books for a humble price of just $2.99. Amazing right? And now to talk little about the application itself. Like I said, the Classics app features books from some of the greatest authors of our time, including Bram Stocker’s “Dracula”, Daniel Deffoe’s “Robinson Crusoe”, “A Christmas Carol”, “Treasure Island”, “The Count Of Monte Cristo”, “The Jungle Book”, “20 000 Leagues Under The Sea”, “Paradise Lost”, “The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn”, “The Time Machine”, “Hound Of The Baskervilles”, “The Metamorphosis”, “Flatland”, “Pride And Prejudice”, “Frankenstein”, “Iliad”, “The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz” and many more.  When you enter this app the books appear on an automated bookshelf, something like your very own personal online library, then just click on the book and the desired title will appear in front of you, this app even has an option which allows you to change pages with swiping your finger across the screen, giving a realistic feeling, and a huge plus is that this app even has a bookmark option, so you can never forget where you left off.
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Now, you can have The Complete Works of Shakespeare on the tip of your fingers. This is a free iPhone app that contains 40 plays and complete collection of all Shakespeare sonnets. It’s very easy to manage; the works are all accessible in a simple scrollable menu, followed by thumbnail image. After tapping on your selected masterpiece, you can select between acts and the cast list, or Dramatis Personae if you prefer.Features:*Well formed text;*You can search throughout the works or specific words and phrases;*The works are all accessible from a simple scrollable menu.Enjoy!
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Audiobook Player

This is the easiest way of finding and listening to audio books on your iPhone/iPod Touch. This application offers more than 2000 free audio books with more coming every day.With this application you can:*Preview books before downloading*Download 1 chapter at a time*Download any size chapter over any connection type.Short list of books:*Moby Dick*Pride and Prejudice*1984 and many more
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