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Super Stickman Golf
Super Stickman Golf is a 2D golf game that’s really easy to pick up and play, with tons of fantastical themed courses, interesting power-ups, and excellent physics-based gameplay.Rather than your standard 3D layout seen in many golf games, Super Stickman Golf offers up a 2D platform experience.The courses often have multiple levels you’ll need to reach and obstacles you’ll need to avoid to finally get on the green.Overall, with over 260 holes to play across several themed courses, unique obstacles, arcade elements, and local and online multiplayer, Super Stick Man Golf has plenty to offer any arcade golf fan.You play the game as the titular Super Stickman, with three course packs.Classic offers 16 beginner courses, Super includes eight intermediate courses, and Expansion sports five painfully advanced courses from which to choose.Each course includes nine holes.So right from the start, there’s a lot of gameplay packed into Super Stickman Golf.Only one course in each pack is unlocked at the start.You unlock additional courses by playing well; if you meet or beat par on the previous course, you unlock the next.Alternatively, you can spend your hard-earned cash on in-app purchases to unlock some or all of the other courses and bonuses, but that feels dirty to me.When you select a course—say, The Cliffs, par 47—you first choose whether you want to play all nine holes or practice just one of them.If you choose to play the full nine, you then get to load up your golfbag with power-ups.These include Mulligan, which lets you retry a laughably errant shot, or Sticky Ball, which lets your ball temporarily stick to walls.As with the courses, you’ll need to unlock the power-ups through various achievements.Once you’ve stocked your golf bag, you’re ready to play.You adjust your shot’s trajectory using large virtual buttons, and then tap the Go circle when you’re satisfied.That triggers the power meter control; you tap a second time to choose the level you’re after, and then it’s fire in the hole.Or, more preferably, your golf ball.The beauty of this game is in the simplicity it offers.The controls are all so easy that you can actually be pretty good at the game in a short amount of time.To me, the whole app experience seems like an old school Nintendo game: from the catchy, silly background music, to the extremely simple and “stick-like” graphics.Think of this as the Excitebike of apps.The game itself is really fun and addicting.There is something about its simple gameplay that keeps you coming back for more.It’s one of those games you will stay up playing at night- “just one more level” you’ll tell yourself- an hour later, you’re still playing.Do yourself a favor and get this game now.The amount of content you get for a mere dollar is amazing.
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Cook this not that

New Year’s Eve has come and gone,and we have all made our New Year’s resolutions.This application is dedicated to those who have decided to start cooking or eating healthy.Discover how to turn the expensive, unhealthy foods at America’s restaurants into fat blasting super foods that cost just pennies – and taste even better!Over 140 QUICK and HEALTHY meals that can save you 10, 20, 30 pounds – or more!From the informative minds that brought you Eat This, Not That! comes COOK THIS, NOT THAT!, the ultimate recipe app for people who can’t cook, who don’t want to cook, or who love the kitchen but just need a healthy dose of inspiration.If you find yourself among these people than you should definitely download this app,I promise it is worth the money.FEATURES• RECIPES: Over 140 of your favorite restaurant meal re-imagined as quick and healthy dishes• BROWSE: Discover delicious new foods in the “Cook This” section, or scan the“Not That!” tab to find old favorites and their corresponding upgraded recipe• GROCERY LIST: Add and manage recipe ingredients for easy in-store shopping,or e-mail to a friend or family member for a quick pick-up• SEARCH: Find your favorite foods or ingredients• KITCHEN VIEW: Turn your iPhone or iPod horizontally to access recipeinstructions in a simple step by step mode ideal for cooking
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iPhone Apps with food calculations

Mario Batali Cooks!

For those not familiar with the preeminent Iron Chef, Mario Batali is the culinary master of all Italian cuisines. His knowledge and expertise are expansive, and his unusual personal style marks him as an eccentric “artiste” even among cutting-edge chefs. So it’s no wonder that Mario’s app is well beyond what most have come to expect from a foodie app. Mario Batali Cooks! is comprehensive, well designed, entertaining, educational and, best of all, imminently useful.Currently, the app features over 60 recipes, each with step-by-step text instructions and a custom video from Batali. There are a variety of ways to search through these recipes, but my absolute favorite is the map view, where you are treated to a map of the various regions of Italy. Tap a region and you then see that area broken into its component locations as well. From there, just choose one of these smaller regions to get an overview of the area from Batali and a list of all recipes available from that part of Italy. All of the elements of Mario Batali Cooks! – from the map navigation to the videos to the shopping lists – are carefully configured on a simple dial-based home screen. It’s this dial that truly pulls all of the disparate pieces of the app together and makes for a truly cohesive experience. I like other recipe apps out there. Honestly, I do. But nothing compares to Mario Batali Cooks! It is in a league of its own, which is only appropriate for such a singular chef. Every aspect – from videos to recipes, to shopping lists to interactive maps – is seamlessly stitched together, making it an app that rises above the sum of its parts.
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iPhone Apps with food calculations

Kitchen Calculator PRO

There comes a time when we all want to try our cooking talents, and want to taste something that is home made from scratch, and not just thrown into the microwave. But cooking at home is not as easy as it sounds, first you have to find the right recipe, then go shopping for the right ingredients, I telling you, it’s a whole process, and by the time you get home you are dead tired from shopping all day. But that is not the hardest part, if you have a European cook book filled with metric measurements, or ifyou are trying to cut a large recipe by a third, trying to figure outthe measurements can be frustrating.Bot you don’t have to worry any more. This is were the newest from the iPhone apps arrives, the Kitchen Calculator PRO, has been designed especially for these kinds of situations. Not only does this app contain a basic calculator for manualconversions, but this app also has unit conversion calculators that helpyou determine how many fluid ounces are in a liter, for example. Youcan convert from English measurements to metricor English to English measurement. By far the best feature of Kitchen Calculator Pro is theweight-to-volume conversion for various foods. This takes a littlepractice at first, but the help section has instructions for finding theweight-to-volume conversions for a preloaded database of 188 commoncooking ingredients, from apples to yogurt. It is really fun to cook while using this app, and I promise, once you download it, you are never going to want to stop cooking.
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iPhone Apps with food calculations

HarvestMark Food Traceability

HarvestMark™ is a new feature for fresh produce that helps shoppersfollow their fresh food all the way back to the farm.At the touch ofan iPhone or through the HarvestMark website, shoppers can easily learninformation such as when, where and how their fruit or veggies weregrown. HarvestMark was created by a group of people who believe every consumershould have more access to information about the food they buy. Not only does HarvestMark allow consumers to trace food, it also offerstwo-way communication between shopper and grower. Farmers can postinformation for their customers through their HarvestMark page,including photos and background on their farm, food tips and recipes.Shoppers even have an opportunity to provide valuable feedback on theproduce they buy. How HarvestMark food tracing works: Shoppers look for produce with the HarvestMark coded label, then enter the 16-digit code online at or at the store using the HarvestMark iPhone app, get details about the produce, such as the grower name and background, how, where and when it was grown and finally consumers can connect direct to the grower and provide feedback onthe produce they bought. They can also get inside information from thesource such as seasonality, new products and tips and recipes and last but not least if there is ever a recall on produce, consumers can find out if the food they bought is affected, quickly and easily.
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iPhone Apps with food calculations

Martha’s Everyday Food: Fresh & Easy Recipes
Many of you might consider Martha Stewart to be kinda boring, but let me tell you that you are going to change your mind completely as soon as you try this application. When you first start the app, you’ll be asked to sign up for a ZipListaccount.  I wasn’t sure what signing up would entail, so I skipped thatpart, and you can skip it also, I always tend to avoid mass email advertising as mush as I can.   After that, you will be immediately presented with a recommendationfor “dinner tonight”.  These recommendationsusually fall in the “quick recipe” category – meals that take less that30 minutes to cook – although you can customize which types of recipesit will offer in the options menu.  Another cool feature of the “dinnertonight” recommendation, is that you can hit the “swap it” button and the app will offer you a twist on the current recipe.  It may beswapping out the meat for vegetarian ingredients, or a different cookingmethod, but this “swapping,” adds some depth to the recipes offered tothe user, and gives the option to switch things up if you don’t find therecommended dish enticing. And if you are interested in more recipes you can always check out the search lab. This app also features a shopping list from every single recipe, a feature that might really come in handy if you are having a dinner party, or simply a barbecue at your backyard. Really, there are very little cooking applications that might measure up to this one. Even tough it has a few kinks and twitches, I would really recommend this application for a mass usage. Do you still think Martha is boring?
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iPhone Apps with food calculations

Ask The Butcher

No disrespect intended to the vegetarians but research has shown that sometimes meat can actually be good for us, but only if it is cooked and prepared in the right amount and in the right way, because we all want to eat healthy food. And who might know more about meat than the very person that brings it to our table, the butcher. If you are having any second doubts about the meats location on the animal, or the best way to cook it, or whether it is good for you or not, you can simply Ask The Butcher. The Ask The Butcher app opens with a few simple choices including a Diagram of Cuts from Lamb, Beef, Veal and Pork. There is also a List of Cuts, and the simple Ask a Question which searches the database contained in the app. Once the preliminary selection is made the app user can then find out how best to cook a particular cut.Users can locate a few excellent recipes for that particular piece of meat, and even use the Purchase feature to find local vendors of high quality meats. Whether you need to learn how to barbecue ribs, prepare a rack of lamb, or make a great meat loaf, this is the app to help you get flawless results. No other app out there gives you as detailed descriptions or answers to your questions like this one, because its sole purpose is to help you find the right food for you, your health and your body. Our body is a temple, and we should try and keep it clean and healthy, and we can only do that if we consume healthy food.
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iPhone Apps with food calculations

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