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1Password for the iPhone is a tool that lets you recorduser names and passwords for Web sites, along with free-form notes, andstore them securely on your iPhone. If you approach the mobile edition of 1Password thinking it will be aclone of the desktop application, you’re going to be disappointed. TheiPhone version lacks many of the features that make the Mac version socompelling—there’s no built-in secure password generator, no automaticlogin to Web sites in your usual browser, but hey, nothing is perfect, and I am certain that in any future versions of this app, these problems will exist no more. Beyond these missing features, one major limitation of 1Password on theiPhone is due to Apple’s rules that don’t allow third parties todirectly interact with the mobile version Safari: 1Password can’t sendsites’ login information to Mobile Safari, nor can it install a plug-into allow it to work directly with Mobile Safari, as it can with Safari on the Mac. Given the iPhone’s lack of a copy-and-paste feature, you can’t even usethat method of transferring your login information to Mobile Safari—ifyou have hard-to-remember passwords that you rarely use, you’ll wind upwriting them down in order to use them in Mobile Safari, which is hardlyan ideal solution. But if you pass these minor difficulties, you will find that is an app that is worth having. All you have to do is download it, and you’ll get my point.
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iPhone Apps For Work

By Delilah