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MyNature Animal Tracks

How many times have you come across an animal track that you didn’t know how to identify it? -Some would say not much, but if you are an outdoor type, than I am certain that your hiking trips and camping trips have been a real mystery, since you haven’t known what animals are near by. I, for example, have carried loads and loads of books, that to tell you the truth, haven’t helped me at all. When someone recommended me  the MyNature Animal Tracks iPhone app I thought that it was another pricey application that I am going to use no more  than once. But you can eve guess how much I was wrong. I use it even in my backyard now. The app itself is incredibly easy to use. With this app it’s not only easy to identify the animal tracks but youcan refer to the range map to make sure that track is in your part ofthe country. And you can’t imagine my happiness when I discovered that I can also write my experience in the Nature journal. There is really no need to say that this is my favorite app now, and I use it whenever I have the chance. I nearly forgot to mention that this app features: a searchable database on track size and shape featuring 7 searchcategories. For example 4 toes round in shape the Felid family, 4 toesoval to square in shape the Canid family, hooved tracks, tracks with 5toes, tracks that are birdlike and much more; clearly illustrated track drawings showing both fore and hind printswith track measurements along with a description of the animal’s habitatand life cycle; sound wavs of each animal’s vocalizations; a full color digital image of what the animal looks like in it’s natural environment; tips on finding tracks, plaster casting and much, much more. I am absolutely certain that you are going to fall in love with this app, just as I did.
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iPhone Apps For The Great Outdoors

Knot Guide
I would say that this is typically a boy’s application, since it is all about knots and outdoors. With this app you can stay in touch with your inner sailor and start a few adventures of your own. But first things first, you have to download this app to check out what I am talking about. Now, let’s see how this app works. First of all let me mention that this app features 66 types of knots, divided into 13 categories, out of which 40 are unique. My usual outdoor activities aren’t quite in season so I didn’t test any knots in real-world settings; instead I employed my highly advanced alternate scientific method: a ball of string, some pencils and my favorite deadly-sharp scissors. So then, upon loading the app you’re presented with a popup warning about knot safety, which you may or may not disable, but always have to keep in mind. The first thing you see are the knot categories such as Bends (for securing 2 separate lengths of rope) and Lashes (for securing sticks or poles together). Next, drill down to the desired knot and select ’Tie the Knot!’ for detailed instructions; simple and fast.The knot-tying instructions are presented with actual photographs enhanced with drawn arrows and other overlay data which I found uniformly clear and easy to follow across the board.Each category and knot has a little blurb describing the most common application and any extra warnings plus there’s a ‘knot lingo’ page that explains common terminology. It will help you hang a simple drying line with easy-release hitch knots or lash a raft together after your Fedex jet crashes into the ocean and leaves you stranded on a desert isle with a volleyball.Perhaps best of all, it will help you tie the correctknot for the application at hand (instead of the same knot for everything and you know who you are) and get this, you will actually learn a valuable skill, imagine that!
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iPhone Apps For The Great Outdoors


If you are one of those people that adore the adrenaline and adventure, then trust me, this app is going to become your new best friend. You can cam in the most amazing sights that your country has to offer, you can go off trail without fearing of getting lost, because this app is even better that GPS, why? -Well because it contains maps of over 200.000 locations all over the world. A number which increases on a daily basis.This app is going to provide you with high-quality 3D maps of forests, state parks, national parks, maps that are going to work even if you are miles away from the nearest wireless mobile network. This app allows hikers, bikers, sportsmen, climbers, amateur or professional and casual outdoor enthusiasts to view the topographic surrounding through their iPhone, with a degree of detail that was previously unimaginable let alone available, while at the same time allowing them to track their adventures and share them with their friends and family. Even in a storm far from a wireless connection, hikers can use AccuTerra to see their distance from warming huts and roads, routes around river beds, and most importantly, the terrain. While the app’s ability to create and share annotated hiking tours with geo-tagged photos is interesting, it’s the offline maps that make this application a solid survival tool. Still having any doubts? -Trust me, you are never going to get lost if you use this app smartly.
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iPhone Apps For The Great Outdoors

Moon Atlas

We all love long and relaxing walks on the moonlight, or romantic evenings lit by nothing but the moon. It seems that it is a central part of our lives, but how much do we really know our only natural satellite? -Don’t worry if you know next to nothing about it, most people are just like you, and because of that injustice the iphone apps team introduces you to Moon Atlas, an iphone application that contains all the necessary details you need to know about the moon. It represents the big chunk of cheese as a sphere, which is how you really see it (as opposed to flattened), and has 1,800 named features and the locations of 26 spacecraft. And while you probably won’t need to search for many spots by name, it does that, too, and has a wonderful Google Earthian flyby and you come in above it. Oh, and it also lets you view the dark side of the moon–cue Pink Floyd…now.  This app allows you to use pinch and finger gestures to manipulate a 3D globe of the Moon. This is a rendered sphere and not a static map image. As you zoom in more labels appear as finer detail comes into view. You can double tap on the labels to get more information about a particular feature.  In addition to this app you also have information about the current moon phase, so if you are a Wiccan practitioner you know just when to practice your Sabbaths. You can swipe left and right on the phase view to go backwards and forwards a day and on the libration chart to go backwards and forwards a month. This app may not be such a giant leap for mankind, but it is definitely going to change the way you view the ever so mysterious moon.
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iPhone Apps For The Great Outdoors

By Delilah