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Posted on October 4, 2011 at 9:28 am
Hunger Calls
Hunger Calls is a simple new conveyor-belt puzzle game from tell the food where to go so the customer eats the right food, and they in turn pay you more money, in the magical microeconomics of Hunger Calls-land.When you do feed the people enough of the right food you progress a level.There are these conveyor belts that move food.The food goes to people sitting there waiting for it.They want you to give it to them.And only the food that is in a little bubble over their heads.There are arrows in many levels that have to be changed like a train track.There are also levels where the player must move them off the conveyor belt to where the customer is sitting.The color scheme in Hunger Calls is friendly to families of every shape, color, and form.The characters in Hunger Calls look happy when they are being served quickly.Not so happy when they are being neglected.Which can be irritating if their food item is not coming out of the machine.It is not like I had a choice over what would roll on out.What is even worse is the food can give the customers a stomach ache and the player must give them some medicine.There are thirty-nine levels in Hunger Calls.The levels in Hunger Calls become progressively more difficult.The goal is for a player to serve each customer what they ordered as quickly a possible.There’s a bit of story.Max, a young robot inventor, wants to create a fully automated diner that can serve the kids better and faster than humans.But these robots and mechanical devices still need some help from a human player to make them work.Hunger Calls requires quick thinking, lots of dexterity and is compulsively re playable.There’s also something oddly satisfying about watching the greedy kids explode.The game is well worth the price of admission.
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