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Mark Trego, Stone River eLearning Guest Post on Clean Code Techniques
Computer programming is no different. The expression “Presentation is just as important as the content you are presenting” applies to computer programming. Before you start to wonder why presentation is so important in programming, I will save you the trouble and tell you.
First, it is likely that you will be working with a team of programmers in real-world scenarios to build an application. Therefore, it is important to maintain clean code. Clean code can also increase the value of the project as it allows developers and non-programmers to understand the flow and structure of code.
Let’s now look at how to write clean code in any programming language.
How to write clean code
1. Keep it simple
The most important tip is to keep your code simple and understandable. Avoid getting too fancy if you don’t have to and don’t complicate problems (a common problem among software developers). You can produce better code, solve problems faster and have a flexible code base.
2. Learn Your Code
Even if you’re just starting out with programming, it’s a good idea to start by writing the code on paper. Once you understand the concept behind the code, the algorithm and the entire compiler process will be more meaningful. Even for experts, breaking down complex problems into smaller parts and trying to find solutions for each one is the best way to solve them. You will soon gain confidence in your ability to solve problems and internalize the code.
3. Comments are your new best friends
As coders gain experience and grow, people forget the most fundamental tip they were taught in their early days: leave comments. This tip applies to every programming language. This makes it easier to update, debug, and analyze your code, and also makes it more efficient. It is also convenient for other members of the team to see your comments and understand what you have to say about the code.
4. Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY)
Any Hunt and Dave Thomas, in The Pragmatic Programmer, developed the DRY principle. It is the use functions, classes, and instances to avoid retyping code that’s been written before. This principle allows developers avoid unnecessary repetition and produces cleaner code. A great coder is often distinguished from an average coder by optimizing their code.
5. Enter Your Code
Imagine going to a supermarket with no consistency in how items are placed. Some dairy products are in the clothing section, while others are in the cosmetics area. Bread products are placed alongside the vegetables. The code’s indentation is similar to the arrangement you would see in a supermarket or anywhere else in the real world. Indenting your code makes it easier to read and find what you are looking for.
6. Naming Convention
This tip is a constant reminder in every article about how to work with any programming language. Yet, people often forget it or neglect it. A code’s naming convention is vital as it opens up the possibility of future editing and updating. You will have problems in the future if you use contradictory or irrelevant names for your pages, variables and functions. Name elements based on their purpose and follow a consistent pattern throughout your code.
7. Explore
Be your own teacher, and explore as much as possible. You can find a lot of help online, from experienced coders to good online courses. There is no shortcut to becoming a better programmer.
8. Use Your Brain
Instead of copying and pasting code from Google, or any other source, you should learn how to use your brain. You can use the help you get to your advantage to optimize the code you have. While it may bring you temporary joy to use other code, you won’t feel the same satisfaction until you can write code and solve problems yourself.
9. Test runs
Users will be annoyed if a rectangular box appears on the screen because the browser is not capable of displaying the content. These situations can be avoided by developers. Your final task must be to test how your website looks on different devices and across different platforms and make necessary changes. The answer is

By Delilah