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AWS certifications give you the industry-recognized stamps and in-depth knowledge you need to thrive in this ever-growing tech ecosystem.
It’s all great, but what if you want to learn more about AWS. You want to learn more about Amazon’s cloud offerings. Where can you find the most recent news, tips, and guidance about AWS?
Meet the AWS experts. To make it easier, we’ve collected seven of the most important AWS names that you should be following. It’s time for you to learn more about AWS pros that are shaping today’s tech landscape.
You can improve your skills and stay up-to-date with the latest technical AWS updates by following them!
Jayendra PatilTechnical & Solutions Architect
Twitter: @jayendra_patil
Blog: Jayendra’s Blog
15 years of experience
Jayendra loves AWS as it is the market leader in cloud. I love the way they have reshaped the industry. Their services are unmatched by any other vendors. Their innovation speed is a clear indicator that there is a rising trend.
His top AWS services and products are: AWS offers many services. The Simple Storage Service is what I learned first and that I still love. It’s simple, yet it is one of the most widely used services. It is not a primary service, but it is the glue that allows for other services.
Recommended read: I love AWS’ whitepapers. It all depends on how you interpret it. The Disaster Recovery whitepaper is highly recommended for architects. It will help you understand the concept, the idea, and the disaster restoration use case scenarios, not only in AWS but everywhere.
Helen AndersonAWS Cloud Practitioner at Xero and Business Intelligence Consultant
Twitter: @helenanders26
5 years in the tech sector
Helen loves AWS because it allows her to easily work with compatible products. During our database migration, the Schema Conversion tool was used for converting the schemas, tables and indexes to the new system. All data was then transferred. It is not always seamless but it saved us time and allowed for us to restore backups.
Her favorite AWS products and services: Aurora is my favourite AWS product. It was able to provide the efficiency needed to migrate from a traditional SQL Server Database. It is a fully managed service, 25% cheaper than SQL Server licensing and disk. It also uses the same Postgres syntax as SQL Server and Redshift data warehouse which speeds up copy times and allows us to scale as our business grows. AWS makes it easy for you to scale up. Aurora is three times faster than standard PostgreSQL and faster than SQL Server, so analysts can run queries in seconds rather than minutes.
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Recommended read: There are many services that you should learn about. My list of concepts for beginners was inspired by AWS in Plain English. A supporting article was also created by other members of this community. It can be found at where the tech community is friendly and supportive. Quizlet Flashcards and AWS whitepapers have been helpful to me in my studies.
Helen’s AWS journey: “My data travel so far wasn’t the most conventional.”
I didn’t study computer science or IT at university. After graduating from Business school, I was able to enter the world of Supply Chain Analysis. I enjoyed the challenge of getting the right stuff to people.

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