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Intelli-Diet App
Every year millions of people promise to take better care of their bodies, only to give up after a few weeks due to sore muscles, bland diets or sheer frustration.While Intelli-Diet can’t do much about the first problem, it goes a long way towards solving the latter two issues.The end result is a helpful weight-loss app which isn’t perfect, but it provides a good starting point.The app uses all this info to get a general picture of your health before you even start the plan, demonstrating that this isn’t just another cookie-cutter approach to weight loss. But all this is just a precursor to the app’s most impressive feature, the food list.At any time during setup or afterward Intelli-Diet lets you run through a myriad of foods in various categories and remove any you don’t like.Hate fish?Simply slide the bar to off and you’ll never have to worry about the app telling you to eat salmon.Can’t stand veggies?You can turn off everything in the veggie list and feel no ill effects, the app merely adjusts daily dietary suggestions and updates your meal plan.Finally, a thorough, non-judgmental piece of software that tailors to your own preferences.From here the app creates a weekly meal plan, providing you with specific foods to eat at breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a couple snacks a day.Even better, portions are reasonable yet filling, so you won’t go to bed every night starving.Best of all, you can easily email a weekly shopping list to yourself (or whoever in your family does the grocery shopping) so you know exactly what foods you need for the coming week.The most attractive aspect of Intelli-Diet is that it does all the heavy lifting for you, crunching the numbers and simply telling you what foods you should be eating.Those who stick to the plan are likely to be pleased with the results, and it’s not going to get much easier than this.
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Health,Sports & Fitness

Sometimes a strange tingling sensation is just a momentary neurological misfire.But,then again,your symptoms could foretell something more serious.That’s where WebMD,a popular online medical encyclopedia comes in.Use the app’s symptom checker to,well, let’s face it-probably scare yourself.It’s great for looking up med dosages,interactions,and pricing.If you’d rather not wait a few extra seconds for Epocrates to load in order to look up a simple drug dosage,then you should try this app.Medscape has a CME section and a medical news section,there is also a section where you can look up nearby hospitals, physicians, and pharmacies.The WebMD symptom checker is easy to use by providing little information about yourself, then identify the part of the body you are concerned.The more the aware or adding more symptoms,you will get a list of possible conditions.By entering the symptoms, you can look up for treatment and the drug information that may help in curing.The most important feature of the app are first-aid guide and pill-identification tool.First Aid guide will be handful for medical emergencies.The WebMD symptom checker is easy and fun to use; simply tell the app where it hurts and then answer a series of questions.It would make for a fun and educational game as well, as long as you’re not worried about turning your child into a hypochondriac!Of course, no self-administered test or personal research will ever take the place of one-to-one professional medical advice.However, that doesn’t detract from having a wealth of medical information and advice at your fingertips.We all hope never to have to use First Aid skills for real, but most people, even if they have been on a course,will forget crucial details that could mean the difference between saving a life and losing one.
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Silent Island Relaxation

Silent Island Relaxation is a collection of nature sounds collected and put into this application to help relax you. From ocean waves to chopping a log for firewood, this application is sure to calm you down.Using this application to help drown out the other background noises increases the effectiveness of meditation(by allowing you to concentrate more/easier).There are over a dozen different sounds(20 I believe) ranging from ocean waves, seagulls, island stream, at the beach, wood chopping, walking the beach, thunderstorms, shells, sea storm, birds, blizzard, wind, rain, waterfall, campfire, at night, underwater and more.The application comes with a timer setting(to the right of the sound) so you can pick the sound effect and then set a timer(like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15 minutes, etc). This way you don’t wake up in the middle of the night to it. . .or even in the morning(before you’re supposed to wake up).It also has a day/night setting(the top right icon) that lets you change the image to a day or night time setting. This doesn’t do anything to the sounds, but if you like to stare at the screen, now you can interact with it.
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There is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman. There is something special to the miracle of giving life to a whole new creature that is conceived out of pure love and joy. Embark on this mysterious new journey with iPregnant, and iPhone application that is here to help you get through the tough times. iPregnant’s beautiful and rather interesting visual pregnancy calendar that makes it easy for you to view your pregnancy entries at a glance… complete with emoticons, icons symbolizing notes, mother’s weight, fetal movement, doctor’s appointments, sickness, and your personalized symptoms. With this app you can record each day, you canmake your freeform notes, add your mood, your mother’s weight,  the fetal movement, you can record your doctor’s appointments, your morning sicknesses, make your very own exercises, add your symptoms like headache, backache, indigestion, fatigue, nausea etc. This app also features:
Calculate your due date based on your last menstrual period-Record daily notes and symptoms (see list below)-Browse last year’s most popular 1000 baby names- Summary screen displays current weight, time remaining and approximate baby size, and more!-Track and email your favorite baby names- Useful for doctor’s appointments-Discreet name appears under icon (iPr Free) is displayed on your iPhone.
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Glucose Buddy

iPhone applications are not all about fun and entertainment, they care also about your health. This is an iphone app designed specially for those who suffer from diabetes. Diabetes is a common medical condition that affects 7.8% of the population and can lead to serious health risks and complications without proper monitoring. This is why keeping your blood glucose in check is vital to staying healthy and happy, and Glucose Buddy is designed to help you achieve just that. This app is definitely here to stay and to help you make your life easier and the best of all is that this absolutely free for you to have. It features:
-Easy to input with dial glucose, medicine, food, activity values-mmol/L or mg/dL glucose unit selection-filter by log type-Add/edit custom medicine, food, activities i.e. insulin, cereal, running-Multiple entries allowed per day with backdating capability-Color coded entry types for ease of viewing-Note section for each log entry-Log statistics displayed for glucose, medicine, food entries-Data retained on updates
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