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Posted on September 27, 2011 at 8:38 am
Happy Hills
Are you ready for a blast, because Happy Hills is full of explosions.Happy Hills turns out to be more than the run of the mill physics puzzler.The game has some well designed levels and thoughtful mechanics that make clearing the levels challenging without being overly frustrating.The game’s physics are equally well done.They are predictable and consistent; an important characteristic of any physics based game.In Happy Hills every level is populated with one or more hills.Now these, aren’t normal hills by any means.These hill have faces and they can move up and down.However, the poor hills are being weighed down by boxes made out of stone, metal, and wood which the player must remove from the hilltops using strategically placed bomb blasts, thus allowing the hills to rise and fall as they please.Bad blocks have rained down upon the hills, and it’s your goal to knock those bad blocks off to make the hills happy again.You simply drag your finger to where you want the bomb to detonate, and the game shows the blocks power and trajectory based on where you drag your finger.Using the bombs players must send the boxes flying from the hilltops.In each level there are a limited number of bombs available and the player must clear all the boxes from all of the hilltops to complete the levels.For an added degree of difficulty, players can destroy the boxes, earning a star for each destroyed box.This is accomplished by making them fall into bottomless pits, lighting them on fire, or drowning them.At the end of the level stars are awarded for each destroyed box.Destroying the boxes is not required to finish a level so it adds a fun little twist to make the game more challenging without holding up progression.While you’re blasting blocks, you get to listen to the upbeat soundtrack, and witness the great game design.The art style is reminiscent of Super Mario World, and it’s great to see the changing emotions of the hills and blocks.Happy Hills is a great game and it shines in so many ways.The hills, boxes, and environments are very well animated and they bring a sugary charm and polish to the game that players will appreciate.Happy Hills is sure to create a lot of happy faces out there.
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