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Posted on October 6, 2011 at 8:47 am
Funpark Friends
Theme parks offer boundless levels of fun.Funpark Friends dispenses with the queues and the vomit inducing rides as it’s a free game that allows players to run their own theme park.Building a theme park in Funpark Friends is fun though, albeit a little slow at gaining momentum.There’s a varied selection of rides, shops, carnival games and decorations to place around the arena.Each costs a mixture of money and time to complete.As is frequently the way with freemium titles, waiting can be circumvented by using up stardust which is gradually provided by the game but much quicker to attain by using in-app purchases.Time is most definitely money here.A series of tasks are also on offer to provide some form of structure to proceedings.These tend to be the likes of ‘build x number of carnival games’ or a set number of decorations.Perhaps not the most inspired of tasks but sufficient to motivate players into growing their theme park ever more.These tasks also boost players’ experience levels which in turn unlocks new bits and pieces to build for the park.It’s all a trickle effect that ensures that players will return to their creation.
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