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Do you remember fax machines?
If you’re like me, and you were born in the era when Atari was still at the cutting edge of video games, you will be able to recall the high-pitched bleeps that preceded a faxed menu or toner sales flyer curling out on thermal papers.
The fax machine was once the most advanced way to file share. A project manager in Boston could send a document directly to a client in Dallas and then receive it with notes later that day.
Since the early 90s, we’ve made great strides in business technology.
Although fax machines are almost obsolete, file sharing is still an essential project management tool. Almost all project management systems include some form of file sharing tool.
If you don’t have a file sharing software, or you are looking for one, this is the place to be. Five easy-to-use file sharing tools are available for free today.

What is a file sharing software?
File sharing can refer to anything, from downloading videos via BitTorrent to uploading photos via FTP.
For our purposes, however, we will be focusing on how project managers use filesharing to collaborate on documents, access files from anywhere and communicate changes to their team. All of these tools must have cloud storage and collaboration tools.
We’ll also be looking at unique features of these file sharing tools, and we’ll make video tours of many options.
Five free and easy-to-use file sharing tools
We are looking for tools that are free and easy to use. They are listed in order of Ease of Use rating.
This article will discuss five easy-to use free file sharing software options. The full list of free file-sharing software solutions can be found here.
1. Wimi

Easy to Use: 5/5
Reviews: 70+
Free space: 10GB

Overview of Wimi Drive
Wimi is an online collaboration and project management tool that is based in Paris and San Francisco. Wimi Drive allows version management, access rights and cloud synchronization. 10GB of storage space is available for up to 2 users and 8 projects. Are you looking for similar features in other products? These Wimi alternatives may be the answer you are looking.
Pros: Wimi is easy to use and fun. There are 10 GB of storage space that is free.
Cons: Some users find Wimi’s mobile app limited in functionality.
Upgrade costs: Paid plans start from $5/user/month. They include 250 GB storage, unlimited projects, and telephone support.
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2. Dropbox
Easy of use: 4.5/5
Reviews: 4,800+
Free space: 2GB

Dropbox Docs in the Dropbox Free Edition
In 2007, two MIT students founded Dropbox in San Francisco. It was the first cloud storage service on the market. Since then, it has become a leader in the industry. Dropbox has diversified its business model to keep pace with the competition. It now offers Dropbox Business for IT departments, and Dropbox Professional for advanced users. Are you looking for software solutions that offer similar features? These Dropbox alternatives might have the features you’re looking for.
Dropbox is a product that has been in development for 10 years and offers all the latest collaboration, access and synchronization features you would expect from a top file sharing tool.
Pros: The mobile app is compatible with the desktop version. Users report that it is easy to switch between using Dropbox online and on their mobile devices.

By Delilah