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This week, Dell EMC announced support for Amazon Web Services (AWS), in two of its data protection service.
Organizations that use AWS workloads can now purchase NetWorker and Data Domain products from the company.
NetWorker software now offers a new version, “CloudBoost”, which is designed for organizations that need to backup applications running on AWS cloud.
“NetWorker with CloudBoost is completely self-contained within AWS and includes client-side optimized back-ups, inline deduplication, encryption, and compression with backup directly into Amazon S3,” Dell EMC announced Monday.
Dell EMC also introduced “Cloud Tier” software to its Data Domain line. This software allows users to tier their data directly to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).
“With Data Domain Cloud Tier customers can now natively tie data to Amazon S3 long-term retention,” Dell EMC stated. “Only unique data can be sent directly from Data Domain to cloud. Data lands on cloud object storage already deduplicated, for a cost-effective and efficient solution.”
Dell EMC is part of Dell Technologies, the tech giant that emerged from the $67 billion merger of Dell and EMC. The deal was completed just two months ago.

By Delilah