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Posted on November 10, 2010 at 4:58 am
Control4 My House

I have noticed that as the technology makes its progress with the speed of light, we, the people are becoming more and more lazy. There are gadgets and appliances for almost everything, there is the remote control for our TV, for our radio, we can even open the garage door with just one click of the remote control. It seems like there is a remote control for everything. But trust me, there is no gadget in the world that takes laziness to a higher level then the new Control4 My House iPhone app. You can control everything with this application, you are going to be amazed with what it can do. You have to bear in mind that This version of My House UI works with Control4 home automation systemsrunning Director version 1.7 or later.It will not work with earlierversions of Director or other home automation systems. Whole house audio, video, lighting & HVAC control from your iPhoneor iPod Touch. This requires a Control4 home automation system,
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