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Posted on September 13, 2011 at 8:25 am
Contre Jour HD
Since Angry birds, which have been an exceptionally admired game, every enthusiast or passionate fan has been keenly awaiting the launch of subsequent version for Angry Birds.In addition, if the declaration made is not the most SEO’ed in the existent history, we will for sure munch or chump Angry Birds retailed hats.Contre Jour HD is a game that utilizez a splendid and luxurious composure of graphics and also an extravagant touch screen mechanism, entailing enormously pleasing reception mechanics, to utmost benefit.If we were to embark upon the mechanics in comparative terms, it is similar to the software galleries other A lister Cut the rope run in reverse, with a dash of bumpy road, world of goo and PS3 fave loco roco, accommodated.The graphics are also similar to the graphics that are endorsed by Loco Roco however they come in black and white, wearing the Limbo stylus.In precise it comes as the biggest and the most substantial homage to podium puzzling accessible for the iPhone in contemporary.The user commands a blob that basically consists or entails of merely an eye, however not in direct.Rather the user makes amendments to the jelly esque ground at its feet to progress in a particular dimension or direction and there are many tentacles spread across surrounding each and every level which can be placed in order to dangle or bounce the wee players to points you would want him to exceed or surpass.Absolutely every stage contains three additional points, symbolized by minute blue, dazzling lights and to attain a perfect point, the user should gather them all, meaning the user should gather absolutely the entire set of points.However the utmost objective is to assure that Petit makes their way to an uncertain or hesitant egress without slipping off the screen all together or either being chomped by one of the numerous ambushes.The most fun loving part of the game is to make efforts to evaluate all routes and work out all paths, through different and varying stages, designed in different ways.Few tentacles are similar to ropes that are bumpy and will make Petit from one point to another and at the same time, some are similar to vines.Moreover, the landscape comes in to play significantly and substantially, with the formation of a swift or rapid smack in the route permitting the main character to go over hindrances or difficulties.Fundamentally and basically, it is a game of experiment and mistake that enormously gives appreciation to those who are significantly relentless.There are 60 stages to negotiate or to navigate through, which vary from the most conveniently crossed level, meaning the easiest stage, eventually passing through stages that incur increasing difficulty and lastly reaching an array of levels with nerve wrecking difficulty however they all have one thing in common, they are absolutely stunning and remarkable in appearance.
• Three chapters featuring sixty unique levels, as well as one hundred and eighty collectable lights, will have you playing for hours and hours.• Use extremely intuitive controls to change the environment around you.• Ten different interactive elements to master; portals, slingshots, tentacles, blowers and more.• Stunning visual style places Contre Jour in a league of it’s own – simply one of the most beautiful games of the year.• Rich, organic and original soundtrack by David Ari Leon perfectly matches Petit’s journey. Get some headphones and lose yourself in the world of Contre Jour.• Unlock a variety of achievements as you play, can you find them all?
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