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Ever wonder why certain projects seem to get traction in the business world? They are everywhere. They are supported by everyone – not just the top priority, mandatory ones.
That has a lot do with how we communicate the value of the work we do.
Communication and change management used to be a part of “someone else”‘s job. Communication about a project was not the responsibility of project managers. It was done by the sponsor, the change manager, and even the business leader.
I don’t think this is enough.
Project managers must be involved in supporting change management if they want their projects to succeed and deliver the business value that they know they can.
It would be great to have a guide for what to say and how? You could have a guide that walks you through the steps of planning communications for your projects, so people get what you’re trying to do, and then pass it on to their teams.
It’s the book that I would have found very useful for the major enterprise-wide programs I’ve managed, but I couldn’t find any advice.
It was so simple that I wrote it.
Communicating Change: How to Talk About Project Change is a Guide to Everything I’ve Learned:
How to plan your project communication strategy
How to choose the right tools for communicating
How to pick the right solution for your project
How to assess the effectiveness of your project communications, so you can do more or less next time.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to talk, write, present, and share about your project in a way which makes the comms planning process as simple and stress-free as possible.
Because you know me, I don’t do drama!
This book is perfect for you if you:
You are responsible to manage change on your project, regardless of whether it’s part your job description.
You want to get your project and you noticed by being a great communicator and ensuring stakeholder support
You know that you must tell the right people the right things at the right times, but you don’t know how to begin.

Communicating Change is only available as an ebook. This is my first ebook. This is a great advantage because it’s probably my most affordable book!
It costs only PS8.99 and is a cost-effective method to get to know your stakeholder communications, become better prepared, and increase support for your project.
I would love for you to read it! You can download your copy here (PDF, Kindle) or through the publisher’s online catalog.
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By Delilah