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The corporate sector is increasingly interested in cloud and its security. The number of industries that are moving to the cloud is increasing, as well as the services offered by the cloud. Cloud computing was first introduced in 2006. This domain has seen remarkable advancements since then. Surveys clearly show that cloud technology is essential for many industries. Cloud technology is an essential part of I.T infrastructure. Operational Technology and Healthcare are just a few industries that have begun to move to the cloud. Let’s take a look at five compelling reasons to get cloud certifications.
Cloud services in demand
Cloud computing has created a need for cloud engineers with the migration of industry services to it. Here are some examples of cloud computing that has been a solution to many companies’ problems. Cloud storage services are being used by the healthcare and automotive industries to optimize their data management practices. Industry 4.0 is integrating Scada and PLCs with remote plants via the internet. The cloud can also be used as a resource by small businesses. Cloud computing technology is being adopted on a large scale because of its cost-effectiveness, scalability and interoperability. It is expected to remain so for a long time. A cloud engineer bridges the gap between complex problems within an organization and cloud solutions. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate, Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate AZ-104, and Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect prepare you for the job and align you with industry standards.

You can expect a remarkable career growth
Cloud Certifications can help you to grow in your career. These certifications provide you with the knowledge and practical skills to create applications and models in your cloud environment. Cloud infrastructure is a complex area that requires skilled employees to design and develop their requirements. Each certification is designed for a specific job role, and covers different areas of cloud computing. For a beginner, Azure fundamentals and Cloud computing courses can be helpful. An Associate AWS Certified Developer – Associate is the best course to learn how to deploy, develop, and debug cloud-based applications. This course will give you a basic understanding of Amazon Web Services and its structure. You will also learn how to manage cloud technology that is Google-based and how to use its services. There are many cloud certifications available, so you can choose the one that is most relevant to your professional development.
Benefits appraisals and earning potential
Cloud service professionals will see an increase in demand. As a result, their salaries will likely rise by 2021. Cloud certifications will allow professionals to improve their skills and secure a job that is well-paid. According to Indeed reports, cloud engineers in India make an average of 7 lakh per year, according to January 2020. The job role and the company that is hiring will determine the salary. A Solutions Architect can earn Rs 6,46,077, while a SysOps Engineer can earn Rs 8,35,000. Your salary will rise as you climb the ladder and gain more experience. The pay will go up if you improve your skills and keep up with industry standards.
Cloud Security Access
Cloud Security is the core of cloud computing. Cloud security is similar to cybersecurity protecting traditional I.T assets. It protects cloud assets with firewalls, VPNs, and other SIEM tools. There are many.

By Delilah